Saturday, July 29, 2017

As the White House Turns

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The sad reality show called As the White House Turns became R Rated full of offensive bad language from Trump’s lawyer who left him to his new spokesman guy Anthony. The most recent vote on Trumps not so much health care bill failed again. So, he fires Reince Priebus who was a promoter with Paul Ryan for the inadequate health care bill. Trump has also threatened the Senator from Alaska who voted No on the bill. He can’t destroy her re-election efforts but he threatened retribution against the State of Alaska. He likes blackmail. Trump knows how to say, “You’re fired!” but doesn’t know how to fix much and is not knowledgeable on most subjects he signs executive orders on. Then he hires folks who have no experience in their new job. He replaces Reince Priebus with Homeland Security Chief John Kelly who is a General and knows nothing on how to run the White House.
Reince Priebus was a former Chairman of the Republican National Committee. After Trumps election he rewarded the man to the position of White House Chief of Staff but did not give him the authorization to really be the chief of anything. When the President brings in his closest friends and family to hold positions in the White House it is difficult to control any of those people who just are not in the same bullying club as yours. Mr. Priebus’s departure was announced just 15 hours after the President’s signature drive to repeal Obamacare collapsed on the Senate floor with not enough yes votes. It was also only one day after he had an ugly profanity laced shouting attack that was brought on by Trump’s newest White House bully Anthony Scarmucci. The disgusting language was aired for all the public to hear. For some reason Trump endorses Anthony’s style of F words laced sentences bullying.
Mr. Priebus never won the President’s full confidence nor was granted the authority to impose a working organizational structure on a West Wing that included multiple power centers, including the President’s daughter Ivanka Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kutshner. No other White House Chief of Staff has ever left his position in such a short time of holding the job for only six months.
Now we can’t encourage our children to become President because that role model says things like, “Grab them by the Pussy.”  Trump recently encouraged the Police to rough up prisoners and told them, “Please don’t be too nice.” At an event to end gang violence from the MS13 Hispanic Street Gang. After his remarks the Suffolk County Police Department was forced to release a statement that said, “As a department we do not tolerate roughing up prisoners.” A President should not be endorsing police brutality.   Trump gave an uninspiring speech to the Boy Scouts of America at an event in front of 40 thousand boys that the organization had to apologize for his actions and said, “ …to those in our scouting family who were offended by the political rhetoric that was inserted into the jamboree.” Many various kinds of people feel a need to apologize for things Trump says and does that offends women, children and soldiers to name a few.

The people Trump puts his confidence in uses language more suitable for the outhouse and not for the White House. America shouldn’t have to cover their children’s ears and eyes when information comes out of Trump’s bullies. The new White house Communication’s Director does NOT communicate in any ethical or educational way. He said in a New Yorker Magazine interview published for any child to see, “ I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own dick” “I’m not trying to build my own fuckin’ strength” he has two young children and his wife just filed for divorce. This is just a short sample of his vulgar comments about a personal fight that has nothing to do with the needs of our nation. ! The President and all his bully men had no comment on that interview.   After all, they are offensive as well. We can’t encourage children to be a President’s lawyer because Marc Kasowitz,  Trump’s lawyer for the Russian investigation told a reporter,” Watch your back bitch, you piece of shit, I know where you live.” Along  with other phrases using the F word. This is the trash we have representing America now.

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