Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Trump Travel Plan

Trump’s travel ban is probably causing much of the world not to want to travel to the United States. We used to say give me your tired and your poor well, the Supreme Court has ruled give us some of your tired and some of your poor and don’t come here if you are from certain Muslim countries. Much of the world especially Europe has accepted refugees from war torn countries and gave the stressed people some kind of shelter. Trump has created a hostile environment to the very people who need help the most and as a result, our tourism is down and that effects America negatively in all sectors of our economy. Should Americans be punished for Trump’s wacky policies?
The Supreme Court lifted the block on President Trump’s travel ban. That means that people from six majority Muslim nations that are Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen will be blocked from entering this country except for those who possess legitimate ties to American people, businesses or schools. The ruling comes after a 5 month hold up of this policy.
January 27: Trump signs the first Executive Order
February 3: A Washington Judge halts the order nationwide
February 9: The Ninth Circuit upholds the stay
March 6: Trump signs a second executive order
March 31: Hawaii judge blocks second order
May 25: Fourth Circuit upholds stay
June 1: Government seeks Supreme Court Review
June 26: Supreme Court lifts the blocks
In the past 5 months there have been no major terror incidents in America. No attacks made by foreigners from these 6 countries. The message is out there that America is not an easy place to visit. We can already call the lack of tourists visiting America the Trump Slump. Analysts are seeing a significant drop in people searching on line for flights to the United States. Our largest amount of tourists come from China, Brazil and South Korea and they aren’t coming to America. On a daily basis there is a drop of about 20% interest in America. The travel ban officially goes into effect on Thursday. Trumps first travel ban came out on a Friday evening where people were suddenly rejected from America with no warning and it caused chaos for the airport workers and travelers. Families were immediately broken up. Now that the Supreme Court all voted in favor of the ban, the lack of tourists will negatively affect the hotels, concerts, restaurants and just about anything that used to be a safe haven for tourists and a big source of income for the American economy.
No one wants to be unsafe and wants to invite a terrorist here but Trump’s bullying ways is an embarrassment to the democratic world and is a green light for other Dictators to fall into his footsteps and repress their people too. Most of our terrorists are young men living in this Country for many years but pledge allegiance to ISIS. Round up all those idle men who do so much damage to humanity and free the women and children from their bullying Muslim husbands and fathers. Educate the children who are being neglected intellectually into being the next generation of good people instead of banishing them from the “free world” Sending these people to continue to live in despair is no solution for anyone’s future.  


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