Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Oldest Business

Related imageThere is a new position for prostitutes. No, not in the bedroom but in the way prosecution is going for the crime.  Prostitutes have the oldest occupation on the planet that seems to always be in demand for their unique services. The folks in the business exchange sexual favors for money or goods and other services. It seems to be a last resort occupation for those who can’t seem to get other types of more convention work.  Traditionally it is the prostitute that goes to jail for the outlawed criminal act when caught but we all know it takes two to tango. Why do their customers get to walk freely when it is clear that they are also engaging in the sexual crime?
Finally things are changing. In Seattle, Washington law enforcement has been arresting the customers wanting to pay for sex. They are not trying to harass women who are caught up in the trade. Six years ago Seattle City Attorney, Pete Holmes, adopted what is called the Nordic Model; a strategy that aims to reduce sex trafficking by curtailing the demand. Can anyone stop a man’s desire for sex; sex that they are willing to pay a stranger for the act? He regards all the sex as a way to victimize women. It is about time someone stepped up to the plate and looked at this gruesome business through the eyes of the damaged used woman in a humane way and not arrest the prostitutes. Hiss common sense plan of supply and demand is correct. Stop the demand for paid unsafe sex and the providers will go away.
According to the International Labor Organization sex trafficking is a $32 billion dollar industry and many who are engaging in paid sex are under the age of 18 years old. It is a dangerous business that the girls get caught up in because it provides easy money whenever they need it, they can work their own hours and work whenever they want or need to. They are in danger with strangers to worry about abuse, murder and drug overdosing and of course sexually transmitted diseases some of which there is no cure from. UGH!
Prostitution is nothing short of modern day slavery. Seattle’s approach to arrest the buyers of sex and not the providers is a welcoming modern day approach to the problem. For once the girls are not being treated badly and considered dirty humans. There is a non-profit organization called the Organization for Prostitution Survivors in Seattle. It is a group that not only provides services for women but also counsels the men who buy sex. Emotionally both sides are damaged people. The men who buy sex are doing it from a very broken place in their heart. They are trying to numb the pain they feel and are trying to feel powerful as well. The customer wants to be in control and feel desirable when they ask to be sucked here and put it in there.
Prostitution is called a “trick” because the customer is paying for the illusion of love and caring. The reality is that it is not a mutual sexual experience. There is no love involved, they barely know each other but they engage in some crude nasty form of intimacy. In Seattle there is even offered a 10 week class on the consequences of prostitution. Any customer found to be engaging in sex for pay is required to attend that 10 week course. In most states the customer just puts his pants back on and walks away while they haul the girl away to jail for the night. Why do most men feel entitled to pay for sex anyway?
Most cities have a zero tolerance for prostitution. In Las Vegas prostitution is illegal yet it is an industry that is everywhere alive and well in that city. If anyone gets arrested for sex there the prostitute and the customer will get arrested but arrests for sex doesn’t happen to often there. Every state has a different view of how to deal with the pay for sex industry. Hawaii has a bill that would legalize prostitution. North Dakota seeks to decriminalize prostitution for minors and California lawmakers advanced   a bill to decriminalize prostitution for minors. Are these places encouraging sex with children? UGH!!!!!!!!!!!
Amnesty International calls for the decriminalization of all aspects of consensual sex.  So all wacky positions and all types of exchanges of body fluids if they want it is ok?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should people have the right to run their bodies as a business? Should we be selling babies to the lowest bidder too? Where is the ethics involving human bodies? If there were businesses that would make sure that customers and prostitutes were safe, require medical checks, photo identification and not have to do it in cars or dirty back alleys would it be a safer legitimate business? In rural Nevada there are brothels where sex is legal and regulated. No one grows up in life and says they want to be a prostitute when they grow up. Nevada at least gives those who are prostitutes some protection. So what is pay for sex? Is it a vice or a lawful business? Is it sexual exploitation? Our country is still divided on this issue. At least this business is not hiding in the shadows any longer. 

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