Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Powerful Polluting Putin

It is clear now that Trump’s quest for constant wealth and power actually trumps every other possible thought. Most of his success as our President has obtained more personal wealth for himself than any amount of funds to support the people of this country. He has successfully branded his products in China, has diplomats filling up his hotels for profit, charged double the membership price at his resorts and is even supporting Russia’s quest to profit from the horrible effects from climate change. It is clear Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement to try to save this planet for the reasons of greed and personal profit.
Russia sees climate change not as a threat but as an economic opportunity. It is no longer all that cold in Russia in the winter anymore. The people love it because the shipping industry is now thriving because of the melting polar icecaps. Their ports are very important because they have a direct connection to the world’s oceans. So, access to the Northern Sea route cuts travel by sea in half. With no ice blocking the ships, travel around the world can happen all winter long. The Northern Sea route is a legionary shipping lane along the Russian coastline that has traditionally been inaccessible in winter because of ice. There is 1/3rd the ice left in the Arctic Circle since 1984. Without that ice covering everything, the sea shipping lanes have opened up unobstructed by ice and now vast oil reserves underground is also accessible. Putin loves climate change and so does his greedy friend Trump. Their motto is, who  cares if the world is burning up, let’s make money.
Even China signed the Paris Climate Change Agreement maybe because the amount of unclean air there allows people to just see 4 people in front of them instead of the billions of people that live in China. While the rest f the world is in fear of catastrophic climate change Russia seeks to capitalize on it. Already America’s soy bean crops are destroyed and now our corn crops are in jeopardy from dry fires or severe twisters, hurricanes and thunderstorms that are so fierce they cause flash flooding that disrupts the soil ruining the crops. Putin sees access to new found oil and Trump sees cheap ways to send his products for personal profit cheaper across the globe.
Just one port used to send cargo ships is worth more than $20 billion dollars. Just 30 years ago cargo ships leaving Russia had to navigate around the world through the Suez Canal to reach Asia getting around three continents and often traveling more than 10,000 miles. Now the melted Northern Sea Route cuts that distance in half and saves up to 15 days in travel time. In Norilsk, Russia the mining industry is now booming. Pollution from the mining is putting dangerous chemicals into the air.  There so much acid rain has entered the air that the land is considered a dead zone. Heavy metals released into the earth has made this area one of the most polluted places on earth. Nothing grows there and no people can live there. Just last year the Russian river turned red from all the metal waste they brought up from the depths of the earth.
Within the industrial areas of Norilsk water pollution is seen everywhere. The residents don’t seem to mind. They have jobs. It sounds very similar to Trumps solution for poverty. Pollute the earth with nasty jobs and employ people in unsafe occupations. The Russian people have been convinced that climate change is a benefit to them. They even celebrate National Oil Day there. The gas company offers free parties and celebrations for the gas workers. Populations have grown in port towns. Trump’s specialty, real estate development is booming in areas that used to be covered in ice winter and in very cold summers. The American taxpayer is paying for Secret Service   Protection for Trump’s family to personally get wealthier from policies he is promoting globally.
Within 15 years, port towns have grown to be double in size. Russians do not take the threat of climate change seriously. Trump doesn’t believe the scientists either. The Russian media plays down the effects of climate change Yet Lake Baikal in Russia show that wildfires have burned hundreds of thousands of acres around the lake. It used to be a wildlife tourist area that is now destroyed. It is the world’s largest and deepest freshwater lake.   The government there downplayed the ongoing destruction. Russia’s pledge in Paris actually promises to increase emissions. They refuse to stop economic growth for the environment. Climate change there has opened the door for more trade cheaper and more mining of oil and minerals. America used to be a leader since the industrial revolution in caring for the earth. Not anymore. Dictators like Putin and Trump has risen to power and have changed the entire focus of the world to greed, personal wealth and F the earth.

Billions of private money is being spent to develop habitat in space and not in preserving the habitat we were all so well suited for here on earth. Nuclear weapons are everywhere just waiting for our stupid leaders to finish us all. Most of us is now destined to burn to death with our burning polluted planet. 

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