Thursday, June 15, 2017

Flag Day

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Will yesterday’s tragic assault on our elected lawmakers bring real change to the attitude and need for unity in Washington? After a sniper sought to kill our most highly elected representatives in the Republican Party the response was for a united and America first attitude even without any harsh words from the President. Did this tragic event have to be the wake-up call for our government to stop being so bi-partisan and now think of the needs of all Americans and not just a Republican or Democratic Party opposing stance all the time? We need more unity from our elected leaders.
If an assault on our lawmakers were to take place as it did, it is interesting that the tragic and bold assault took place on Flag Day. Every year on June 14 we celebrate a day to recognize the symbol of our freedom by honoring our flag. Currently if you cross the George Washington Bridge in New York you will see a unique national treasure. Hanging from the highest part of the bridge is the world’s largest American Flag. It is so big that it is sixty feet wide, ninety feet long and it weighs 450 pounds. Flag Day was established by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916 but not declared an official holiday until 1949. Flag Day has a personal meaning for a living World War II Marine Corps Veteran, Gerald Goldman who at 94 years old still crafts wooden hanging flag plaques and distributes them to friends and neighbors and in shops because he is proud of our country and flag no matter what. In his neighborhood most homes display his wooden flag plaques. He and his crafts are a part of American history.
America is a very different place now in a very cold and indifferent world. We have a sixteen year war going on in the Middle East and then we wonder why people there no longer have food, water and a place to live anymore. While the men play their very damaging and reckless war games that destroy everyone’s lives it is the humanity that suffers. The rest of the world is closing their doors to hungry poor refugees from war torn places. There is an entire generation of children now in their teens and twenties who are fed up with the war that has killed their parents and all who they know who feel the need to be a random terrorist anywhere in the free world. They target anywhere westerners are having fun. Rock concerts, events, famous places and night clubs. War does not create heroes anymore but crazy snipers troll the earth randomly bombing themselves and all who we cherish.
Republican members of Congress were under attack like sitting ducks in a carnival shooting game being shot at   but these were real bullets. Why were these very important men out in the open air and not practicing their game in a secure stadium? No one is safe anymore from random gun fire especially the controversial lawmakers in Washington. These are the very same men who voted to allow the mentally ill to have guns in their possession yet they voted down programs to properly medicate the mentally disturbed population or even house them in secure institutions. This gunman was living out of his car and was a very angry man. The Republicans were at a baseball practice for a charity baseball game they were participating in. The House Majority Leader Steve Scalice was critically wounded from bullets to his hip. He is the third most powerful Republican in our government. He is the only one there that had two security persons with him who took the gunman down with just their service hand guns meanwhile the crazed gunman had an automatic war style weapon. If Scalice was not there there would have been no protection and probably they would have all died hiding in a dugout behind a open air chain link fence that school children often play baseball in this type of field.
Trump asked and got 59 million more dollars for the military spending. Our boys better practice their games behind the doors of secured stadiums and spend some of that money for all their security needs. Our town halls are full of angry citizens who have had enough of those careless leader’s lies. Should they try to murder them? NO But the attitude better change to a more moderate and bi-partisan mood on Capitol Hill and get the American people proud and happy in this country again. Even the mentally ill men with semi-automatic weapons!

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