Sunday, April 23, 2017

Professional Violence at Home

Animals are violent when they have to hunt for food. Humans are violent for the fun of it under the disguise of sport. There are many football players, boxers and mixed martial arts players who seem to be getting a pass when their violence crosses over from sport to domestic violence. Why? The organizations that hire these violent men are not concerned when the violence continues onto the women in their personal lives. Should these sick men who no longer know when the violence needs to start for fame and fortune and end in a civilized society still be rewarded with high paying paychecks? Is that the message we want to tell the kids who admire these famous men? When an athlete who is rewarder for being at the top of his game is awarded millions of dollars for the athleticism   in their sport, they should also have a moral obligation and in their contracts sign an oath to lead a exemplary life because they are being paid to be exposed on and off the playing field to fans everywhere. Big pay days should not be awarded to criminal behavior on or off the playing field. The pay check writers are looking the other way just to continue with the revenue these criminals are bringing into the sport. Who is going to reprimand the owners of these criminal athletes?
The sport of mixed martial arts is an aggressive world of hyper aggressive people. Like boxers they are paid to essentially hate their opponent and beat them into submission and then they are considered winners awarded with lots of money and fame. It is a world of raw violence in a cage or rink. The men are so violent that now there are convictions that could put these athletes in jail for the rest of their lives yet the owners say nothing still. At least the police are getting these characters off the streets for public safety. Jon Koppenhaver legally changed his name to War Machine. Christy Mac a famous porn star was his woman. They as a couple became celebrities.  Eventually love changed to jealousy and rage and War Machine turned his martial arts skills on to Christy and almost killed her after he raped her and stabbed her with a kitchen knife in her ear.   She is a woman known for her beauty that was beaten beyond recognition. Her nose was broken in several places, her teeth was shattered and her liver lacerated.  He pleaded not guilty in court and said that “he was ambushed.” Ray Rice a famous football player beat his woman on an elevator and dragged her limp body like trash   partially out the elevator.  Top boxing fighters like Mike Tyson went to prison for violence against their women. In martial arts, Tiago Silver was arrested for putting a gun in his wife’s mouth. Days later Kyacey “Ice Cold” Uscola was sentenced for ten years after he beat the mother of his child.
Anthony “Rumble” Johnson was accused of battery by an ex-girlfriend the third accusation by three different women. Josh Chrispy was arrested twice in one week for abusing his wife. No employer is appalled by the behavior of their paid athletes? These professional bullies know   the Tanique’s to suffocate someone without leaving any marks on the body. Bellatore MMA is the agency that hires many of these sick violent men that often have convictions and prison records before they compete. War Machine was signed while in prison serving time for a felony assault. Should these violent convicted prisoners be signed for fame and fortune when they are still obviously un- tamed predators? Employers do not even require a background check. Jason “Meyham” Miller over 15 years had many arrests for abuse and he blamed every arrest was the result that the women attacked him. The charges are that he choked, punched, kicked and urinated on her. He said that she liked it.  Should a civilized society encourage this and award these monsters with pay checks?MMA members have triple the rate of domestic violence arrests of the national average.They are experts at hurting people. 

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