Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Governments Gone Wild

We need an end to the sixty years where there has not been any agreement between the United States and North Korea in reference to our countries future. It is not just a peace agreement that is needed but also a way for North Korea’s regime to be recognized. What we have now are two leaders that are hiding behind their possible nuclear arsenal. Can Trump and Kim Jong un face off as men and not frightened children hiding behind their soldiers and weapons? Time is running out to negotiate anything between these two hot heads. America is worried that  North Korea will soon have the capabilities to direct nuclear weapons that can reach American shores. Where are the people in Washington able to discuss peace and the future of the world intact and free from destruction?
More weapons is not the answer to solving any problem. The use of weapons simply destroy   humanity and the homes, businesses, schools, careers and stability that all civilizations need. The refugee crisis would not exist if people could feel safe in the countries they were born in and love if there was anything left to the place to enjoy and live.  The source of any problem usually points to money. Assad would not be so powerful if he was not being funded by Russia. North Korea would not have the money for sophisticated weapons if they were not being funded by China. America has a new President who has personal relationships with both Russia and China. Donald Trump duped the American people into believing that his business dealings and force in the world would help America. In less than 100 days in the job as our newest leader Trump has already proved that his best interest lies in himself and his ever increasing wealth. Selfish people always rise to the most powerful positions.
There is enough evidence recovered that Trump and his closest advisors have been money laundering Russian money that should be spent on the poor people of Russia. Trump took cash payments for outrageous real estate properties that were inflated in price from appraisal values.  In turn for that service Russia manipulated the election to ensure that Trump could have the power to control all of America possibly for even more of his own financial gains. Who is going to stop this destructive progression? Our Congress is not a fair entity in America anymore. Urgent issues are not being solved. They just went on a paid two week spring break meanwhile corruption and Congressional inquiries get put on hold. The Senate investigation has gone nowhere after revealing that Nunez was in Trump’s hold. The House investigation is trailing along with no results yet the evidence of treason is mounting.
Trumps relationship with China is self-serving. Two days after being elected he signed trademark deals to sell his ties and junk in China opening billions of consumers there to buy his crap. Recently his daughter Ivanka just signed similar trade mark branding deals with China to sell her crappy shoes and junk too. It helps if you have an office and dines with China’ world leaders in Daddy’s job. How about if Donald Trump will discuss the funding China is giving North Korea for excessive weapons? It is governments gone wild while the people of the globe live in fear, poverty, poor health and sadness.  This is why there is global protests on various issues all the time now. People everywhere are not finding solace in their leaders. All an individual has really is their voice, morals and love for their family. So, let the Mexicans find a better place to live. Let the refugees find a place to smile again. Let the world to be able to live in peace and love and take care of all that is given to us for free. Ge t rid of the selfish bloated dictators ruining the world! They found the drug lord Chaves and reduced his power. Government Dictators need to be silenced and stripped of their out of control power too. Preserve the earth and our souls. Be heard the good people of the world!


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