Thursday, March 9, 2017

The EPA now means Everyone Piss on America

Our President the Don believes that global warming is when a lightbulb gets hot. I would love to respect the guy but he just doesn’t deserve any. When the man throws out the professional environmentalists and puts a jerk like Rick Perry in charge of our wellbeing as the Secretary of Energy, one has to object. Recently these idiots announced that they were gutting the funding for the climate satellites that have been giving us the information we have to know what type of weather to expect. Do they think that what you can’t see can’t hurt you? Who stops valuable information that cost us billions to even get that satellite up there?
The new idiots at the Environmental Protection Agency   announced   that they are going to cut 97% of the budget   to monitor pollution and increase the quality of the water in the Great Lakes. Someone needs to educate these “leaders” that the Great Lakes are the largest source of drinking water on the globe and most of our bottled water comes from those lakes. The same cuts will be in the San Francisco Bay and The  Chesapeake Bayarea, as if no one lives in these places. Who is this agency protecting? They also announced that they were going to cut the amount of money they spend on what is called Water Quality  Compliance which helped to alert us about things like what happened in the town of Flint where the entire water supply was contaminated in that town.
They are closing the Environmental Justice Program that policed those that ruin our lands and water supply. Is this how Trump plans to lure corporations to manufacture and provide jobs in America at the expense of polluting our land and water? Stop the policing and regulations? They are cutting by 88% the environmental education that our government used to provide to schools and anyone who cared and wanted to make a difference and a change for the better in the quality of our natural surroundings.  Are you getting nauseous by now because I am.   It sounds like we are all in for a natural disaster.  The only good in all this is the fact that people are fighting back.
Put on your marching shoes again because now the scientists are organizing a huge march in protest on April 22 in Los Angeles and on April 29th the next weekend a huge climate protest is being organized in Washington D.C. People should be and are really angry about these issues. People need to know how important the EPA is and what good it should do in protecting the quality of our lives. The stupid Keystone Pipeline  that Obama objected to was for pollution reasons. Do we really need oil to be piped in all over America from Canada to Mexico that we are not even going to use? What job creation? Once they install those leaky pipes there are no jobs but we will have another environmental nightmare to worry about.
And now the lies and nepotism. Donald Trump now is making an exception to his own rule that we were going to use American steel to make the pipes. The Keystone pipeline is having 40% of the steel manufactured in a steel mill in Russia where the owner gave Putin a $35 million yacht. Somebody stop this jerk!!!

Fracking has ruined Oklahoma that now has earthquakes all the time. Years ago the state used to be the most stable place to be except for the tornadoes. Now they get hit from above and below the ground. The head of the EPA Scott Pruitt sued the EPA   14 times at his old job. He has stopped the monitoring of measuring methane emissions   coming out of wells from fracking. The oil industry loves this deregulation of whatever they do. The level of complete corruption from the fossil fuel industry is now out of control. The damage from this Administration is like nothing we have ever seen in this country. We need to change the words to the song God Help America, we are beyond a blessing.  Trump did not even mention the environment in his speech to Congress. 

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