Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Brutal Budget

America is the wealthiest country in the world yet the new budget will not take care of most Americans.  The new health care bill will not give most people health care anymore. It is simply a huge tax break for the very wealthy. At a time when we have wealth inequality where the richer just get richer and the poor still struggle so much and the middle class shrinks because they are footing the bills, this health care will yield over the next 10 years $275 billion dollars in tax breaks to the top 2 percent wealthiest people in this country.
The drug companies as well as the National Rifle Association who just gave permission for the mentally ill to own guns, has far too much influence in this country. Over 4 million pills were prescribed   by doctors who received incentives to write prescriptions in towns that held only 400 people. America is hooked on drugs legal and illegal. The new healthcare bill will not   open rehab centers to treat the addicted but will have a budget that will open more costly prisons to house the addicted. President Trump’s proposed budget cuts will reduce the Agriculture Department by 21% per cent. Reduce the Department of Housing & Urban Development by 13% per cent. Reduce the Education Department by 14% per cent and reduce the Labor Department by 21% per cent. So, we will have unsafe food, little housing for the poor, uneducated children and unemployed adults.
So, what exactly do these departments do? When you cut the Agriculture Department you are cutting services to women, infants and children nutrition assistance, Meals on wheels is cut when you cut the Department of Housing & Urban Development. There is no development of anything.  Teacher training is cut when you cut the Labor Department.  Before and after school programs are cut and food safety regulations and monitoring is cut. This President does not want any preventative programs available to help anyone from black lung problems to infant care. Our country is supposed to protect the most vulnerable that include the elderly, the poor and the young and this budget will ignore those of the neediest people in America.
Trump is putting billionaires first and not Americans first.  This budget doesn’t even address the deficit that is now at $20 trillion dollars. America is broke. Even if he taxed every taxpayer it would cost us $160,000 per taxpayer to bring the deficit down. Only the wealthiest could afford that and they pay nothing. He is cutting the State Department that is all about diplomacy and outreach yet he is increasing our already bloated military budget. Is this guy looking for war? He already put North Korea on notice with no negotiations.

So without health insurance the Congressional Budget Office predicts that the Trump Care program compared to Obamacare will leave 24 million MORE people uninsured by 2026. How is this “making America great again”? It is more like make America very sick again. Why does he continually lie to us? In September 2015 he said he was going to insure everyone. On January 25,2017 he said no one would be uninsured. Premiums for someone who makes just $26,000 per year paid $1,700 for healthcare under Obamacare. This plan would increase premiums for that same income to $14,600 per year . Who can afford an increase of nearly $13 thousand dollar increase with total earnings at only $26 thousand dollars? This liar promised not to touch Medicaid but his plan will cut $880 billion dollars to Medicaid according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation who the Don doesn't consult with. This plan was formed by his Republican wealthy frat boys in Washington. 

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