Friday, February 17, 2017

He is unhinged

America froze yesterday for one hour and 17 minutes not because of the weather but from the rambling off the cuff thoughts of our very own home grown disillusioned paranoid dictator Donald Trump. What is even worse than his comments are being spewed  while he is up front and personally insulting everyone.The Republican leaders in the House and Senate are quietly dismanteling all the good policies that Obama put in place by finding a little known way and hardly ever used act to even erase Obama’s legacy.  They have unearthed a thing called The Congressional Review Act which gives them the power to undo executive orders made by a previous administration. What is more is that once they undo an order, it can never be made again.
This is all so devastating for all those Americans who worked hard on making the globe a better place in the past 8 years. The Act has been used only one time until now. They already voted to undo an Obama administration ruling related to gun control.  It had stated that if you were receiving Social Security checks and had been ruled mentally unfit to spend those checks on your own, you couldn’t buy a gun. You had to prove that you are competent to own one. That has now been erased. Apparently the Republicans are owned by the gun lobbyists and are even willing to put guns in the hands of the extremely mentally ill who can’t even have the abilities to cash their own checks. Insane!
The Congressional Review Act is being used fast and furiously by this Congress. Donald just signed a document to undo   Obama’s pollution regulation. Who the hell want’s more pollution? That is how the Donald gets into bed with corporate polluting companies. Did we vote for these kinds of deals? They even said that they want to undo about 50 regulations Obama put into place. It is obvious that the Congressional Review Act is a easy way to get their agendas put forth quickly. Now back to Trump’s first solo press conference. Just him alone shows his mental problems. He complained about the chaos. Why doesn’t he realize that all the protesting all over the world started in the last 2 months since he has been in office.
He said he inherited a mess. No Donald, you inherited a fortune, we got the mess. His own people didn’t even give him accurate information about the Electoral Votes he still wants to dwell upon. He said that his 306 votes were the largest amount since Regan. WRONG! Obama got 365 votes in 2008 Donald. When a competent reporter quickly told him about the correct numbers , he still berated the press as being the evil people, his enemy. How jaded is Trump? Who is spewing out the fake news Trump? YOU! In his typical bullying ways he verbally assaulted a CNN reporter and said he reports very very fake news. How infantile is this man? He is in bed with Putin but yet he won’t figure out how to deal with their aggressive military getting so close to the coast of Connecticut.

About black relations he suggested that a black reporter set up a meeting with the Congressional Black  Caucus. He assumes that all black people know each other? Forget God Bless America. God Help America!

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