Sunday, February 19, 2017

CBC Blues

This nut job is now running to his fans for re-election after not even 2 months in office. He has already caused people all over the world to protest something he did. He has already cut ALL funding to the National Arts Program   in the U.S. in Education. I guess we don’t need no stinkin’   education. But we do need Air Force gassed up with taxpayer dollars for now his re-election efforts. Speaking of education, I must go back to his obvious ignorance about the CBC that was part of a question to him at his only solo press conference. At first he didn’t even know what the letters stood for and then asked a reporter to set up meetings. Meanwhile he says he hates the press. Anyone willing to put their lives on the line as the press does to give us all accurate information should be worshiped. We lost many reporters alone in the world to ISIS. Trump should be ashamed.
Dummy Donald is un-informed by this group probably by his racist Chief Political Strategist Bannon who is a white supremacist sympathizer. Bannon was in charge of a white supremacist publication.   CBC stands for the Congressional Black Caucus and   as of yet no meeting has been scheduled. I guess The Don is too busy running for re-election to discuss Black lives issues. If such a meeting will ever take place much needs to be discussed. The Caucus already reached out to him last month and was ignored. There has to be a meaningful discussion of important issues involving the Black community and beyond. Issues like criminal justice reform to end mass incarceration in America. He needs to repair the Voting Rights Act that was devastated by the Supreme Court back in 2013. He needs to develop an economy that helps hard working ordinary Americans and not just big business.

At the press conference, Trump declared that he is the least racist of all which was simply a display of his narcissism and self- acclamation. Trumps history with dealing with the African- American community and people of color has been terrible. Trump perpetrated the racist lie that Obama was not born in America. It was just an attempt to de-legitimize our first Black President. How can Donald not be a racist with influences like Bannon around him constantly? He has not been well informed about the truth of the matter on many issues. Even the amount of people that attended his Inauguration Ceremony he is not accurate about. Simple numbers seem to be a problem even when they are in his favor. Perhaps his choice to run for re-election already is his   attempt to be happy and to always surround himself with supporters and never have to deal with the real issues. The press is informed and deal with real issues every day. Perhaps that is why he hates the press. In his dictatorship ways he wants to remove the free press and surround him with only those who will write about his ways and opinions. 

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