Friday, January 20, 2017

Ignoration Day

It is Inauguration day for America. It is the day that the nuclear codes for extreme weapons get handed to our new Present Donald J. Trump right after he has been sworn in as our 45th President of the United States. Only about 750 thousand Americans came to the ceremonies as compared to Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony where 1.5 million supporters came to see their President be sworn in. Should we call this day Ignoration Day?
Donald is our oldest first time President ever. His acceptance speech was not inspirational at all. The word peace never left his lips. Instead he dwelled on how horrible America is and that now that he is here that America will be great again. It started to rain as soon as he began his speech. The most famous singer at the ceremony was a 16 year old girl Jackie Evanco who’s quest is to sing at the most Inauguration Ceremonies as she possibly can in her career. She admitted that she was not there for any political support or reasons. It is ironic that the Vice-President Pence voted to exclude transgender people from sharing bathrooms in his state and Jackie’s brother is currently going through sexual gender change operations.
 Trumps speech was an awkward insult to all the other American leaders present to show him some respect. Where was the hope and recognition that we are a great country and that the world is wonderful? Trump gave no joy in his speech. He hardly smiled at all. He gave no recognition to the fact that he gets to inherit a country that is now where the housing industry is booming at a record pace, oil prices are now at the lowest price they have been in the past 25 years, the auto industry has recovered completely and he has a republican majority in the House and Senate to support his every wish and need. Things couldn’t be any better for a new President to inherit.
I still prefer to call this day the Ignoration day based on the amount of people who chose not to support this guy. He should have taken a lesson from George Washington who gave the shortest inaugural address in history in 1793 of only 133 words. He was ignored by Andrea Bocelli, Charlotte Church, Elton John, David Foster, Moby to just name a few. Jennifer Holiday who sang at every Inauguration Ceremony since Regan received death threats and much criticism if she dared to attend so she is staying home too. Musicians have become political and refused to support this guy. There were 2 large choruses that sang 2 songs at the ceremony.

Donald’s shoot from the lip tweeting has angered the people of America. We are a divided nation now and he needs to soften up and say something inspirational to bring all people together in a happy unity. He has failed to do that once again while the entire world was watching the newest leader of the free world be handed the codes to the largest arsenal of weapons in the world. 

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