Tuesday, January 10, 2017

America's Gift

America finally has a gift for America. Most people here work hard and abide by the laws of the land. Yet about half off our pay checks immediately are sent to the government for taxes especially now that we have to pay for healthcare for all too. The world is a more dangerous place everywhere since it seems that just about anyone has access to a lethal weapon. The only people that do not carry a gun are the people that still believe that we are at the top of the food chain and we should be able to reason and know right from wrong.  The fact of the matter is that we are threatened on a daily basis. There are mentally ill people with guns shooting up schools and malls and movie theaters. Places that shouldn’t be threatening at all.  Terrorists are shooting up places of culture and entertainment. Now we have returning soldiers shooting up airports. We have an elected President who talks more about weapons of mass destruction and seems to already be in bed with our long- time enemies never talking of peace but can’t wait to have his pussy grabbing hands on our nuclear weapons. Americans need a gift.
If a major disaster happens through the negligence of world leaders, terrorism, crazy individuals  or a tsunami or earthquake or diseases like AIDS or severe mosquito spreading birth defects, the very rich have bunkers planned underground for them or even a place on a space station. Bill Gates lives inside of a mountain. What does the common tax paying citizen have for protection in case of a disaster caused by anyone or anything? Nothing till now.
The Center for Disease Control has now stockpiled emergency supplies for the common person to be used to help us in cases like new threats like the Ebola or Zika  crisis. We now have supplies for disasters waiting for us. The CDC created the national stockpile. Millions of lifesaving supplies are being held in secret  secure places to deploy at a moment’s notice. They are secret storage units that hold lots of emergency supplies in multiple locations around the United States. Greg Burel is the Director of the CDC’s Strategic National Stockpile.  These places hold things that you might expect like cots, food, ventilators, small pox vaccine and other top secret advance medicines. The places are designed to be within 4 to 5 hours of each other in travel time.

Since 911 the thought of a dangerous pandemic has been a concern. We now have employees that jobs are to be prepared for the worst things that can happen to Americans. We know that you can’t be ready for everything but it is good to know that now we are trying. Our taxpaying funds are being put to good use. However, we all hope that we will never have to use these emergency supplies. 

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