Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Greatest Gift of All

We all have survived yet another Thanksgiving Dinner with those we love. Hopefully there wasn’t too much drama and the meal was satisfying and good. No doubt you ate some goodies that you normally don’t eat at most meals but that all goes with the holiday. I did have a bitter taste in my mouth when I thought of those poor native Indian Americans who literally still have nothing but their reservations and sacred burial grounds being hosed down as they try to protest silently against a giant pipeline of oil being transported from Canada to South America. The white people already said not in my backyard.
Then energetic 82 year old Florence Henderson suddenly died from a heart attack. It seemed like yesterday that she in her elegance and looking good health was just being twirled around on the show Dancing With The Stars. Fidel Castro died at age 90 living in a country that literally has nothing. Now we are between holidays when all the office parties begin and we get to indulge in more bad for you snacks and lively drinks. Yes it is perhaps the most fun time of the year right into the next year. How do we remain healthy? We don’t have time for good eating or sleeping habits. This time of the year we need a quick fix or a new miracle drug or holistic spice.
Lucky for us I found a spice that has been around since the beginning of time that is very good for holding back popular ailments. Some people believe that it is the true spice of life. In Hawaii local farmers are growing a golden spice called Turmeric. It is the root of a lively plant like Ginger but uglier and harrier   that can be your secret to a longer healthier life. The stem of the plant is where all the good stuff is found. It is a spice native to India. Recently it is showing up in all the health bars. The Hawaiian farmers are getting rich from the constant demand of Turmeric.
The people of India use it in their curry, they throw the orange powder at each other in their ceremonies, it has also been used as a die for fabrics and it is what gives mustard its bright yellow color. There is also a compound in it that makes it a powerful weapon against disease. Doctors have been conducting successful trials and found that Turmeric is helpful in fighting just about anything harmful. Alzheimer’s disease, Parkenson’s Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes all have a new weapon kicking them. Turmeric is a wonderful compound that is working on all these diseases. Thousands of studies are being conducted at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. Thousands of studies have shown that in concentrated doses the substance in Turmeric has proven not only to be an effective anti-oxidant and an  anti-inflammatory but also shows promise in preventing and treating Cancer too. They don’t know why it is working but they know that it is a very good thing happening.    

So do some good shopping for yourself and find a bottle of Turmeric as a gift for yourself and your longevity. 

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