Saturday, October 22, 2016

Who you vote for can determine the fate of Guantanamo Bay

He wants it open and she will close it. Your vote may depend on the fate of where we house our most dangerous criminals our  captive terrorists.  Guantanamo Bay is in Cuba on a United States Naval  Base. Since 911 hundreds have been detained at the Prison. The Naval Base is only 45 miles of land and one can only get there by boat. Once inside it looks like any government base. Recently Governors Island in the middle of New York and New Jersey was a Coast Guard Base that housed families , Mc Donalds and places of worship. A community where the solders live with their families. Guantanamo has that too even a high school but plus a highly protected Prison.
Obama has been working hard to close the place. Recently he approved 19 prisoners to be transported to other countries. As usual, Obama will not have time to really fix this situation either. He seems to never finish what he starts.  The accused mastermind of the 911 attacks still lives there. Some have been there more than 14 years without a trial. They are mostly Muslim and use Army mats for prayer. They are respected and not bothered during prayer time. The guards wear face masks to protect themselves from urine, feces and blood or spit or throw up that will be thrown at them regularly. They call it splashing. There is evidence of the splashing on the ceilings. The video   monitor’s once watched hundreds now look after just 60 detainees.    The State Department says that American taxpayers pay more than $7Million dollars per detainee per year. Remember the Donald doesn’t pay taxes and wants us to keep the place open.
No 911 responder has received $7 Million dollars per year for the past 15 years but the terrorist get 3 meals per day, cable TV, a library, heat, hot water, prescription drugs and medical health. The prisoners are aging. They have a tract for exercise and treadmills for them in bad weather. Hillary wants to continue Obama’s plan to close it down because of what it represents around the world. The place has a history of torture. In fact when ISIS takes videos of them chopping people’s heads off, they make them wear the same orange clothes given to our prisoners at the prison. Obama signed a bill 8 years ago and declared that within one year it will be closed. It is still open.
What should we do with the 41 detainees left? They are the worst of the worst criminals we have left. Ambassador Lee Wolosky is the United States Special Envoy for Guantanamo Closure is waiting for Congress to find a suitable place in the United States to house them. No citizen wants these guys in their back yards. We need a secure place to keep our war prisoner’s and not on U.S. soil. America has been paying Castro $4,000 a year  rent since the 1950.s and he has been storing the un cashed checks in a drawer in Cuba since then. He doesn’t want America’s money. Outrage is flowing across America. Hillary will put the show bomber, the underwear bomber on U.S. soil. So far Congress has blocked the last 41 to be placed on American soil.
711 detainees have now been transferred to 59 countries all over the world. We ask the other countries to monitor them and restrict their travel. Ask? There has been a report that  detainees have gone back to terrorism. 113 returned to terror under President Bush and now 109 returned to terror under Obama. The past 2 weeks all we learned was Trumps sexual style of getting women We have much larger problems that never got discussed at the debates and now they are over too.

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