Sunday, October 30, 2016

Should they win the World Series?

How about them Cubs? Looks like they ain’t doing so well in their everlasting World Series quest even though they have gone closer than ever before in attaining their dream. Tonight is game 5 of the World Series in Chicago. They finished the season with the best record in baseball. This is the team with not getting near the World Series in 108 years. Generations of Cubs fans have been born and died without a single World Series win. There have been so many losses that for most fans it would be ok if they lost again. They aren’t used to winning after all. How will they react?
There are all kinds of silly myths as to why they just can’t win. In 1945 there was something about a smelly goat for their losses. In 1969 right there at home plate a black cat crossed the path of a Cubs batter just before he struck out. In 2003 a idiot guy wearing glasses reached for a foul ball that was a good ball that could have let the opponent out if he let the Cubs catcher catch the damn ball. This crap is the kind of history the poor team carries with them. Without all that loosing history the Cubs wouldn’t be unique. If they won the World Series they would become just like any other team. Would they even have so many fans if they weren’t such losers?
If they weren’t such losers would George Will have written so many columns about the romance of sticking with a game of losers to have life lessons?  Would long time broadcaster of baseball games, Jack Brickhouse even come up with his famous slogan, “Everyone is entitled to a bad century”? At least when they lost the games were well, personal to the fans. They were there for the Cubs no matter what. This week the tickets are expensive even if you can get any and the place is filled to the top. For most of the century their stadium was so empty, they didn’t even bother to open the upper deck.  Most of the time it isn’t even hard to sneak into the box seats. Not this week. Their winning is just no fun. LOL!
So admit it. Many of you miss your losing Cubs. Good luck tonight anyway!

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