Thursday, October 27, 2016

He chooses to lose the Latino vote

Donald will lose the election because he has never courted the Latino voters. Hispanics have been part of the fabric of America for many years. We all loved Desi Arnaz in the old show I Love Lucy and now we all love Sophia Vergara from the show Modern Family. We love George Lopez and Jennifer Lopez. Even our Supreme Court Justice Sonia we love. Why can’t the Donald say anything nice about Latin people? Surely he needs the votes to win.  Whether he likes it or not, the Latino influence has become a thread in all of American life. The Donald screams at his events that Latino’s are taking our jobs, our money and our manufacturing. They are taking everything and the criminals are crossing our borders. Are there any good Latinos?
The issues about the undocumented Mexicans has become one of the most important ones this election. Mexicans have been misunderstood throughout  American history. Before the American-Mexican War from 1848-1853 Mexico traveled up through half of what is now half of California. In that case they did not cross the border, the border crossed them. As America grew many did cross the border only then there was no Donald Trump and they were invited.  At the turn of the century Mexicans were recruited  to the mining industry and agricultural jobs.  By World War I and II America is welcoming Mexicans to our mainland to do jobs that are now vacant because literally every healthy man has gone to war.
Today we still have about 57 million Mexicans working in America. There are people doing research at the Pew Research Center in Washington D.C. on the Latino workers. During the past 59 years the Hispanic population in America has more than quadrupled they found from just 4%   in 1965 to 18% today with California, Texas, Florida, New York and Illinois with the most Latinos settled in. About 2/3rds of the Hispanic population live in just those few states. So this epidemic that the Donald is so afraid of doesn’t even effect the majority of Americans. Why is he so upset and even willing to lose an election over a type of people?
Yes the growth of the Latino population has so far hit the southern states now including Georgia but America is a large country. It takes generations for people to disperse throughout a country. The fact is that there are 27 Million Hispanics voting for a new president too. It couldn’t be any worse between Donald Trump and Hispanic voters.  Over 70% of Hispanic voters feel that Trump is a racist. The same thing happened in the last 4 elections. Florida remains the possible tipping state. 25% of the population there is Hispanic. Hillary has a massive lead over Trump with Hispanic voters. There is an active voter registration group out there called My Family Votes trying to get more Hispanics to even want to vote.

In 2012 Obama got 60% of the Hispanic vote. They are hoping that Trump’s nasty remarks will entice more Hispanics to vote and not to vote for him.  

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