Monday, October 10, 2016

Ceelebrate the Kings on Columbus Day

I remember the old Middle East when regions were ruled by Kings and there was pride in their country and ancient artifacts were displayed to the world to tell us about their advancements at such an early age in history. Their talent for art to melt gold on their clothing and sculptures instead of simply burying bars of gold deep in the earth hidden from all. The Middle East used to be magical and wonderful. We all need to pray to whatever God or religion you believe in to save one of the last glimmers of hope in the Middle East. Pray for Jordan and their good King trying to protect his country and trying to save lives. It seems that lately no country is safe from terrorists trying to destroy anything in their path including themselves.
Terrorists have successfully raged through Syria and Iraq but so far at Jorden’s border the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is successfully fighting back and so far keeping ISIS out. The King is Abdullah II of Jordan is holding terror out and is sheltering millions of refugees.  Somehow he is able to do this despite his poor economy and no oil wealth and precious little water. Can an Arab state remain peaceful and tolerant of all people? How does he do it? He has Jordanian military always working out and ready to protect. They are a proud and courageous army. Some of their weapons are antique. Attack helicopters that were used in Vietnam are being held together and used there for protection. They buy surplus armored cars that they find on line. Their skills are keeping them alive since they cannot afford to buy any modern arsenals One would think it was another war movie if it wasn’t real and true today.
In America today we celebrate Columbus Day. A day when America was discovered. We need to celebrate countries   trying to preserve their right to live the way they want to. This King also practices with the Army how to defend themselves. No King of Jordan has ever known peace. Sad! This King became King after the death of his father who ruled Jordan for 47 years. This King is 54 years old. He feels that the world is in it’s third World War. We are not looking at ISIS attacks from a global prospective. America attacks and then leaves but who are we leaving the regions to? There is no strong leadership so ISIS is quick to take over regions. ISIS could care less about international borders.
Jordan has flown more than 1,000 missions against ISIS in Syria. The terrorists captured a Jordanian pilot and posted a video of them   burning  him alive. The King has caught everyone involved in that murder and killed them.  His rule is that if you kill us we will hunt you down till justice is served. Jordan is mostly desert the size of Indiana surrounded by Israel to the west and their conflict with Palestine.   Jordan  borders north to Syria in a civil war, it is east of  ISIS in Iraq, and to the south there is problems with Saudi Arabia. It is a collision of tribes and religions. His country is surrounded by hate and war.
Be grateful America today on this holiday. Be grateful for kind gentle Obama and Bill and Hillary who kept us safe. It was George Bush that put America in danger in every way. In 1990 the King’s father warned George Bush to keep out of Iraq. In 2003 the son of the king told the son of the president the same advice. Neither George listened to either King. The Bushes had no right to think they knew that region better than the Kings that ruled their countries. We are as frustrated with the outcome of the past 15  years after 911 as they are that we are even considering putting a complete buffoon in charge of our country now. Trump is a card in even a worse card game.
Meanwhile, Jordan in 2014 allowed a million Syrian refuges into the country while they already have too many Palestinian refugees already living there. Syria was literally shooting at innocent people running across the border to Jordan. Many are children. 160,000 extra kids are in Jordan’s schools. Many people are unemployed. There are more than 9 million people living in Jordan and half are under the age of 24 years old. It is hard to give this younger generation the gift of life when resources are so scarce. The King drives his own car and has given up his highest military offices to become a technical school. That is like America closing the Pentagon and becoming a school. Be grateful and strong America.

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