Thursday, September 22, 2016


Image result for lying politiciansThe election debates are down to 2 candidates and many are still not sure they want to vote at all for a new President. The American people distrust both candidates and believe that they are liars or have lied in the past. I say what else is new? Most of our recent famous politicians have lied and been exposed about some change of event or policy from their own previous words. Lying is nothing new. We have been doing it since the beginning of time. Even in the Bible in the Garden of Eden the first woman Eve told Adam all the fruit was good to eat. Until he ate some forbidden fruit and nothing has been the same since.
No one trusts anyone that there even exists lie detector machines around. Then there is the quality of the lie to take into account. Was it a big lie or a series of little misunderstandings? Most recently Lochne embarrassed the American Olympics teams by lying to everyone about getting mugged in Rio.  But let’s talk about some serious lies found in American politics. Remember when Colin Powell announced that there were weapons of mass destruction? Lies. Remember when the first George Bush asked us all to read his lips about no new taxes? He raised our taxes anyway and lied. In baseball our hero Pete Rose swore he never gambled. He lied. Even Bill Clinton pointed his finger at us and declared that he did not have sexual relations with that woman. Lies. Somehow his sexual DNA got from his penis to her dress! There was President Nixon who said on camera on a podium in front of the world that he had no knowledge of the Watergate break in. LIES.
Watergate was the mother of all recent lies. It took 2 years and millions of dollars to figure out that he was lying.  The concern is that we are numb. There is no respect for the truth. Excuses are made to toss the excitement over the lie away. There is such a complete lack of respect for the truth. Even if you get caught there are no meaningful ramifications that people are literally lying to our faces. No one was arrested for 911, for the Wall Street Foreclosure mess or for the bail out of the auto industry.  Now we have Hillary saying she never e-mailed classified information to anyone yet 30,000 e-mails were deleted.
Trump is going around saying that President Obama is the founder of ISIS. Anyone can say anything at any time with no slap on the hand.

How are we going to make America great again without liars? So the next time you call someone a liar. Ask them what the definition of is is. 

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