Sunday, September 11, 2016

Related imageIt was a beautiful day like today when it happened. The sky was a clear beautiful blue and the wind was gentle and refreshing. Then it happened. Chaos in America! In Manhattan! Two of New York’s most famous buildings just falling to the ground like finery building blocks! Impossible! America is well protected. New York is a financial mecca. We must be safe there but we weren’t and thousands of people died within an hour and now on September 11 America remembers and morns and is still angry. People are still dying from the burnt chemicals that settled in their bodies while they searched endlessly for days looking for survivors but if you didn’t get out before those buildings just crumbled, you were dead beyond recognition.
This year is a little bit different. Brokerage firms are giving jobs to the sons and daughters of 911 dead workers of their firms. Some financial institutions that had main offices in the World Trade Center lost 2/3 of their staff on that beautiful morning. We have 15 years of war in the Middle East to morn that our brave young men and women freely signed up to go there and give the terrorists our revenge American style. We did it proudly in our uniforms identifying ourselves and got our revenge killing a lot more than they killed here but at what price? Retaliation war never brings back those innocent workers who lost their lives. Now we have a population of sick wounded soldiers who lost limbs and have mental issues for their rest of their lives.
Congress is so political and driven at any cost to work on their own millions of dollars simply to be used to re-elect themselves that they too have forgotten the American soldier and their selfless commitment to our country. There was too much trust. We trusted George Bush to never let a disaster like 911 happen. Our kids trusted America that they would get one maybe 2 tours of duty. Most got 4 tours being taken away from those they love for so long that there was no one left to come back to. Many soldiers don’t even know how to be a civilian. Most came home to no jobs and no training for a new job being offered. Yes, 911 is a bunch of very sad numbers. 911 means a disaster now. Once it meant a phone number to get immediate help in an emergency. Now 911 means the worst disaster ever on American soil.

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