Monday, September 5, 2016

Related imageIt is Labor Day a day where Americans celebrate their working class. There is no celebration for many who need the day off from work the most. Most  lower paid workers are working extra hard on Labor Day. There are Labor Day sales in every retail store. Maybe your company will pay you time and a half for a Labor Day extra work day. Even then they only assign you a half day’s work.  How can you celebrate Labor Day if you have to work even a half day on Labor Day? It just doesn’t make sense. If you got a good job you took off the entire weekend but then you get every weekend off from work. There used to be Unions that protected the labor force. Now if the boss finds out you even discussed what your co-worker is getting paid you can get fired.
W work to have what we need not usually have the luxury to work at what we love to do and make a living. Without money we can’t have a home or food to eat. We all must work. In return we request a bit of privacy in what we do and who we like to be with off the job. Now technology has taken that away from us too now. A lot of our lives are interconnected through the internet now these days. There is a global empire full of devices and machines.  We have auto navigation systems, smart TV’s, thermostats in homes, security systems, telephone networks and on line banking much of which operate for us with a series of passwords from us. Now almost anything you can imagine is linked to the World Wide Web.
The emperor of it all is our smart phone. Now everything you say or do can be looked at  and listened to by some hacker. Your phone even off can be hacked into and someone somewhere is looking at you while you think you have a dark screen off. As long as you have a camera phone and some passwords for something, you got no privacy.  Without your personal comfort why do anything at all? We labor loyally at our jobs so that we could enjoy the comfort of family, friends and all our junk we buy. Some of the world’s best hackers are in Germany.  Many hackers have doctorate degrees in Computer Engineering by day they work for places like Security Research Labs doing security for Fortune 500 companies but at night these same people are listening to our conversations and looking into all our banking or any information on us that we once thought was our privacy.
Our smart phones, sim cards and USB sticks  are all looked at every day. They say they are trying to finc volunerabilities before the bad guys do. What about me the victim? Shouldn’t I get to know something? Why bother to get upset. Most of us lead boring lives working laborousely on Labor Day and have no money for someone to steal anyway. Fine, go look at my bank account and see how many times I have been charged for overdraft fees. I don’t have time to make deposits I have a crappy job that makes me work on Labor Day. Banks are closed on Labor Day!  

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