Monday, August 15, 2016

Related image\\Why does America treat their citizens so badly? Imagine being in jail on a 30 year sentence or even on death row, new procedures find that you did not commit the crime and they let you out of jail. They literally open the door and shut it behind you. They don’t even give you a set of new clothes. You should be getting back pay for each year behind bars wrongly plus a few bucks for your future too especially if you never committed a crime. There are adjustments to be made to even get used to the futuristic things like a GPS navigation girl talking to us that an incarcerated person never ever heard before.
We take for granted our freedom because we are free. Just the luxury of being able to take a bath whenever you want to was not allowed in jail. Many wrongly incarcerated individuals are not let out of jail until their case is argued up to the Supreme Court. By then you are an old man. What job or career can you have then? Law enforcement can be quick to accuse someone of a crime and pursue the punishment but years later with new evidence they are not even saying that they are sorry. Someone should be held accountable for ruining a man’s innocent life.
Congress needs to act and set some federal guidelines for the now wrongly accused innocent citizen. Every state has their own rules even on the death penalty. In Alabama if the incarcerated individual had committed murder and was released on parole after serving some years, he would have been eligible for career training, housing assistance and a bus ticket home where ever that is now. For most people jail became home and the only home they have known for decades. It should not be set up in your state that you can have an easier time if you admit to a crime that you really did not commit. Something should be rewarded for unfailing honesty as long as we still pledge to honesty in the courts.
  Their convictions can be embarrassing by incompetence by prosecutors or police law enforcement. How can you traumatize someone, try to kill someone, lock someone down for 30 years and not feel some responsibility for what you have done as a law enforcer. There are growing number of organizations and law firms dedicating their practices to overturning false convictions. These people suddenly being let out need medical, housing and economic support. They need mental health care. They need to know that their abuse is now being taken seriously
Connecticut has a new law that compensates the wrongly convicted. There is one case where a  man was convicted of rape and murder where witnesses collected a $20,000 reward. He spent 20 years in jail until new DNA testing proved him innocent. Connecticut gave him a job with the parole board after 5 years. He was at first a counsellor for troubled kids. The state also gave him 6 million dollars in compensation for his troubles. Many states do not offer compensation at all. Our tax dollars put these people away should our tax dollars also pay when we let them out? We need a national law on this one.   

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