Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Related imageRelated imageCollateral Damage they call it. I call it a damn shame that the United States after the wars don’t go back and clean up their mess. It has been many years since the Vietnam War but the innocent civilians are still feeling the impact from that war. Land mines and left over explosives that were dropped by planes are still a menace and causing serious injuries to people just walking along an area and the explosive goes off. The people of Vietnam are so poor they make their own wooden legs from carved wood. Victims in Burma must travel to Thailand just to get help.
Artificial   limbs are in constant demand. The threat from unexploded bombs is real decades after the war.  They are weapons of mass destruction in slow motion because of the amount people killed or injured even in peace time.  In the Vietnam War cluster weapons were dropped from the air in record numbers. The United States carpet bombed Laos in record numbers during the war. This bomb breaks up in mid- air into smaller explosives to insure maximum land coverage of weapons. The problem is that not all of these bombs actually explode. They essentially become land mines dropped from the sky. In Laos during the Vietnam War the United States dropped more bombs than they did in the entire World War ll.
There are millions of unexploded bombs in the ground in Laos. A cluster bomb is designed to explode at any time. When an unexploded bomb is found it then must be detonated. Let it go off and be done with. At least now you can prepare safety measures so no one will be harmed this time. Farmers and villagers must be warned.  It is easy to find bombs there because there are so many of them. The Vietnam government is doing nothing to protect these people who live there. A simple metal detector can easily find the bombs and they can be detonated safely. America has the money to clean up and save lives.
The children and grandchildren are still paying the price of war. Clean up should be demanded to save innocent lives. Today American made cluster bombs are still being made and dropped in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have also armed Saudi Arabia with cluster weapons. Senator Leahy a Democrat from Vermont is the only advocate trying to end deploying this type of bomb.  He needs to be supported and this kind of war fare should be stopped to protect generations of people after the fighting is over.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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