Monday, April 25, 2016

Related imageIt is good to know that in some countries big shots do go to jail for money crimes. Not in the United States. No one has ever been held accountable for the lack of protection on 911 yet we have various agencies where that is their sole job. No one has been held accountable for the Wall Street Disaster that is still going on since 2008. Many Americans lost their homes to foreclosure since then while bakers enjoy our funds in off shore accounts. In Panama it was revealed recently billions of documents revealing who the big shots are enjoying lots of money they stole. Knowing where the billionaire’s accounts are is new important knowledge.
The Panama Papers are legal documents obtained from a law firm called Mossack Fonseca that specializes in creating off shore accounts. The documents have already exposed Iceland’s Prime Minister to having ties with off shore accounts. The citizens of Iceland are already in a uproar over a huge economic downturn they did not need to hear that their political leader is heavily involved in stealing their tax money. Days after the revelation he stepped down from his elected post in government. In Iceland the Prime Minister is replaced by the Fisheries Minister. Many other leaders from other countries have already been exposed for their involvement in corruption. The President of Argentina, Ukraine and the President of Saudi Arabia were directly linked to bad accounts.
The Prime Minister of England was linked to hefty accounts listed in his father’s name. Shares. Offshore trusts and offshore funds are the concern of all citizens. Some of them have dumped their shares recently in an effort to appear clean but they did own the shares recently. That does not make them not-guilty. Such world- wide corruption should be the exception and not the new rules.  Our worst admitted criminal big shots are in Alabama. The Governor refused to resign over his sex scandal. He had an affair admittedly with one of his to aids at age 73. Sexually explicit recordings of him became public.  The State Legislature has moved to impeach him because he had this affair on state property in his offices.
Alabama politics is a mess anyway. Under the State laws of impeachment the proceedings must take place by the stat’s Speaker of the House who is currently awaiting trial facing 23 felony ethics charges of his own scandal. Once that trial begins it will be presided by the Chief Justice of the State of the Supreme Court who was once removed himself for ethically violating his office on six counts. So to review, the Speaker of the House who is currently going under felony charges will give the articles of impeachment to the Governor accused of a sex scandal who will be presided over by the Chief Justice who was once removed for ethics violations. No wonder people go through many lengths to obtain political office. They get away with a lot. 

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