Sunday, April 3, 2016

Related imageCan I call that picture my Mom took when I was a baby revenge porn with my naked behind fully exposed? It seems to be the latest in hurtful things people can do with social media and their stupid phones. Or should I say stupid people with smart phones. All I know is that it is a serious issue that the United States has yet to deal with legally properly that England and other countries already have laws set in place to protect the innocent. As usual, our Congress is dragging its feet on this issue. Sorry, let me clarify, the issue is not my naked baby picture.
For example, there is a problem on college campuses of young men taking advantage of women. Apparently this generation’s only definition of having fun is going to a party and getting high on drugs and booze till they pass out or at least have the excuse afterwards that they don’t even remember what happened. Well after they get the girls drunk beyond recognition, they take a video on their phones of them having sex with the poor girl and post their forwardness on line somewhere. Or if a consensual   sex act was somehow recorded after the breakup it becomes revenge porn. The shock that such video becomes public is the goal.
The links is an assault. It is an on line attack. The intense betrayal is horrific. It is a big problem now and is a form of non-consensual porn. The distribution of sexually graphic images without consent is unlawful. There is estimated to be 2,000 sites dedicated to revenge pornography worldwide. Often it is jilted exes who are posting intimate photos or videos at a former lover’s expense. It is a cyber threat that is difficult to track   and even harder to prosecute in America. Quite often the prosecutors and judges don’t even take these problems seriously and do not take the case to the end result. The issue is growing so fast that there are Attorneys who are taking it on as the focus of their practice. If you can find one they call themselves Internet Privacy and Sexual   Consent Attorneys.
Revenge porn can create intense emotional damage as anyone can feel that they will constantly be exposed on the internet. Hulk Hogan just won $115 million dollars against a site who aired his sexcapade on the internet. A reporter Erin Andrews just won $55 million dollars for her exposed nakedness without permission spread on the internet sites. It is humiliating and one can feel paranoid. The road to justice in America can be long and complicated. Some people are posting the naked material overseas. England and Wales have a revenge law on the books.  In the United States we are left to civil lawsuits against an offender. We should have stricter laws. Why not?
The fight against revenge porn has gone a long way in recent years. 27 states and the District of Columbia have passed specific laws to protect against it. There are online sites working for privacy issues including The Cyber Civil Rights Initiative offering legal support and resources even a crisis hotline. Beyond the legal battlefield technology companies like Google and Microsoft are offering tools for users for people who wish to de-link or remove images. Many are using their You Tube homes as a platform for reform. A Federal Law is needed to criminalize those who post revenge porn. People are not civilized online and probably worse since they can hide   behind their computers.  

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