Saturday, April 9, 2016

Related imageAs we get closer to the big Presidential Election we get to know much about those who dare to step up and declare that they are the best representation of who and what the American people want. How pompous can one be to even think they can appeal to most Americans.  Now they have all landed in New York to try to appeal to us. We are not falling for any of their crap. They eat our pizza with knives and forks and don’t even know how to get on our subway system. They forget that after 911 there were NO riots, NO looting just people of all races and religious beliefs picking us up and dusting us off and helping us to peacefully gather our families and loved ones together making sure we were all alright. New Yorker’s are unlike any other city people in the world no less America. We make sense of things.
Let us go back to the time recently when Donald Trump lined up on stage a sampling of all the products he slaps his name on as if that would impress us. The only view we saw was an extreme confidence man. Then when they analyzed his products, they revealed he was showing stuff that really wasn’t his products. He was blatantly lying. The hallmark of a psychopath and a con artist is one who deceives you for their own ends. He is trying to convince us to support him, vote for him by tactics that aren’t real. Did he think he could con all of us? Even just standing in front of steaks. Many Americans won’t even eat meat anymore but for those who still do, he is saying if I vote for Trump I could eat more steak yum yum.
He is a very good con man and that is why they are called con artists. We see him trying to get the popular vote. It is the same appeal that he makes all the time that he is not like those politicians he is a businessman.  He tells everyone exactly what they want to hear yet he doesn’t really say anything. That is what confidence artists do. He is a very good con man and that is why they are called con artists. A con man doesn’t take anything from anyone. They convince you to give it up willingly. People are willingly giving their trust up to him. Trump’s University 98% approval ratings is proof of the confidence game he is. The people who enroll there get nothing in return yet they approve of his blah blah.
Read Marina Konnikova’s book called The Confidence Game for more insight into how these traits seem to be total representations of our  candidates. These people have narcissistic personality disorders. They have an inflated   sense of self-importance as seen in the boldness of Cruz who says nothing important. They have a need for self- admiration.  They lack empathy on the abortion issue. They need excessive admiration. They believe that others are envious of them. Arrogant, haughty contemptuous attitudes  can apply to all the candidates.  Soon the big money spending on TV commercials will be haunting us. Can we be strong and take all this crap till November?

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