Saturday, March 19, 2016

Related imageThere was a time when you would tell the children to sit down and watch a Presidential Debate or even have them watch some good public speaking from a candidate at one of their rallies. Not anymore! The networks need to rate these things rated R and when they are on TV make the kids go to bed. Protect the young from the farcical lewdness our political system has become. In recent weeks we have had debates almost every week. I never heard so many penis jokes out of a comedy club late at night as I have heard at these debates. Most recently Donald Trump was saying that he owned Mitt Romney and could have had him drop to his knees. I don’t think he was talking about praying either.  Really? Blow jobs at political rallies?
Before some of the Republicans finally dropped out of the race they were belittling each other over wiener size. Donald Trump said on the Today show that once he is elected he will be very Presidential. So, does that mean until then Mitt Romney can suck his dick? Most of the debates are nothing more than bullies name calling each other and then at the end of the day when they have to drop out, they support each other. Chris Christie was on stage supporting Donald Trump the very next day after he was mud- slinging him? It makes you want to elect a woman now even more especially when all the men candidates are arguing over literally dick size.  
One of the most memorable and hardly Presidential statements Marco Rubio made before he thankfully dropped out of the race was a reference to Donald Trump’s small hands meant that he had a small penis in his pants. What the hell does that have to do with running this country? Is there no intelligent life left on this planet? The idiot Trump is has to inflate the lewd comment and tell all of America that he in fact does have large hands and therefore a big penis. He then proceeded to refer to Candidate Rubio as Little Marco! Unfortunately this is not fiction but facts.
Donald Trump wanted poor Obama to show his birth certificate for so long do we need you to show us your penis size? Ugh! Our kind soft spoken President Obama is manly enough to cry openly at the thought of our young children being gunned down.  All these nuts want to own big barrel guns too. At least they had the wisdom to wait for the black Doctor to drop out of the race before they started comparing dick size. Let’s forget about Delegates and just have a dick waving contest to choose who our next President should be in terms of qualifications. God Help America if these clowns are our best choices for leaders of our country. I never saw people behaving so badly since the George Wallace bigotry days during his campaigns for elections. It was nice to not see our officials being assonated yet it looked like there was already an attempt made on Trump.  Wallace used to drag protesters out of his forums too. Somebody wake me up and tell me that this is all just a bad dream!

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