Thursday, March 17, 2016

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Any leader will need to prepare today for tomorrow’s challenges in the world. We are in a new era in the world that requires a new kind of leader to be able to adapt to quick changes. We no longer deal with proud soldiers wearing shiny uniforms proudly defending their country but are now in a world of cowardly warriors who are hidden in your neighborhoods and act as your friend till the enemy will   one day chop off your head.  This new leader needs to have the ability to change and adept quickly with an eye on the future or you may be doomed to be remaining a prisoner of the past ways.
With an eye on the future a smart leader will be able to welcome the 21st Century innovations, be able to embrace change and thrive on the chaos that change often brings.  The 21st Century leader recognizes that only the smartest will survive the future challenges. We can’t hold back the forces of change. We can’t deny that our society and the very nature of business is changing daily. Yet some leaders resist change and then find them fighting the forces of change around them. Global finance is redefining business in a virtual borderless world. In light of all these changes the world will need leaders who are familiar with the global ways and comfortable with dealing with all the different customs and traditions that are still prevailing in regions all over the globe.
It is the leaders that will be the glue that will hold together the organization. Their intelligence and above all their ability to adapt will be of their most importance. The 21st Century is a time of great challenges, opportunities, profits, innovation and imagination. A leader’s openness to change and ability to take risks, ability to have wisdom is an asset. The 21st Century is a place in which involves scientific change. We ultimately want a leader with a smile. Someone who shows us confidence, power and who can ultimately assure us safety, peace and prosperity in our homes.
  The future is always uncertain. Our creator made us to be able to remember things that happened when we were 4 years old but yet none of us can accurately know what will happen in just a moment from now. A secure leader has to be open minded and wise to whatever challenge will happen at a moment’s notice. Our leader will need a strategy to be able to navigate through uncertain times. Remaining cautiously optimistic is not enough. A 21st Century leader needs a 21st Century strategy. Regardless of how chaotic, confused or stressful the 21st Century leader will be since we are still all human so far, he or she needs to constantly be prepared for the possible challenges they might face in the near future. The world keeps a constant eye on who is leading parts of land masses. Everyone is watching everyone else.  

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