Saturday, March 26, 2016

Most Beautiful Places in Brazil (Entertainment)
Brazil has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world as well as some of the most interesting town to stroll into. The Arpoador Beach in Rio De Janeiro is stunning. Manaus has beautifully decorated streets to see. A not so well known place among tourists is the beautiful quaint city of Salvador that sits in Brazil’s northeastern state of  Bahia.  It is one of the oldest cities in both north and South America and is preserved beautifully with varied colorful buildings. It is the colonial architecture that is most interesting. If you like touristry stuff their street carnival is the largest in the world.
If you like art and nature visit Curitiba, Parana which is home to a French inspired Botanical Garden and has the Oscar Niemeyer Museum which focuses on art and design.  For a complete departure see the exotic sand dunes that have beautiful lagoons of turquoise waters. Lencois  National Park in Maranhao is located in Brazil’s south end. The beautiful landscape is created by rainfall as the area sits just outside the Amazon Basin.  The rainfall collects in the valleys of the sand dunes. The water remains above ground because there is hard rock under the sand. Visiting this park will be tricky since there are no access roads. You must use a 4 wheel drive vehicle.
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The best place to live in Brazil is  Florianopolis, Santa Catarina. This is the opinion of people from Brazil. The place has about 42 beaches to choose from and is a surfer’s delight. Yet it has a friendly thriving city to go along with the beauty of the beach. If you are looking for a romantic paradise go to IIha Grande, Rio De Janeiro. This is an island on the coast of Rio that is still very undeveloped and therefore unspoiled by tourism. You can enjoy the beauty of the Atlantic rainforest here. Unspoiled clear beaches are great for snorkeling while the terrain is perfect for hiking and camping or just plain exploring.
If you are in the mood for great night life and the comforts of large modern hotel suites with a great view of a soft beach then go to Fortaleza, Ceara.  It was developed even more for the 2014 World Cup Games. It is the state capitol but is still not as well known as Rio or Sao Paulo. The rapidly growing city is a popular destination for Brazilians to relax. It is host to 25 kilometers of urban beachfront. It is separated into 4 beach areas. Iracema, Meireles, Mucuripe and Praia do Futuro.
Get out of the city and go to a place where only bare feet and bicycles are allowed. It is the island of orro de Sao Paulo, Bahia. The only thing you will be walking on is water soaked sand. No cars are allowed. If you want excitement at the wonders of a great waterfall, visit Fos do Iguacu, Parana. It is located at the very tip of Brazil where you can see the widest waterfall in the world. It touches the borders of three countries. Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

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