Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Related imageAstana Economic Forum 2016 and Business Opportunities (Business)
Why is it that more people in the world do not know about this economic forum? Yet it attracts 8 thousand delegates from 100 countries. They include chief executive officers of businesses, politicians, Journalists, scientists and Nobel Peace Laurates.  The Astana Economic Forum (AEF) is an international as well as regional platform for dialogue and a non-profit organization.  It is headquartered in Astana, Kazakhstan. It was organized by the Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists Organization and the Government of Kazakhstan in 2008. They have a meeting held every year.
The President of Kazakhstan in 2007 President Nursultan Nazarbayev suggested creating a Eurasian Club of Scientists to help with the economic integration of the Eurasian community and to develop an international economic community and to share and create businesses of interest to all.    The first meeting was held in 2008 and the focus was on economic development under the conditions of globalization, macroeconomic regulation of the economy and the global competitiveness of Eurasia. In 2009 the forum meeting dwelled upon economic security for Eurasian businesses.
By 2010 the forum was able to discuss in detail problems facing the region regarding crisis in businesses. The problems they can face with private and public businesses.  They also began the discussions involving energy efficiency and the problems of energy. The beginning of using renewable energy to fuel businesses was discussed.  Each year the focus was slightly different and included important minds from the regions. In 2011 it was the 4th meeting   of the forum. They focused on new ways to develop the world’s economy in three key trends. Global economy and finance business and investment. Topics of green economic development were introduced. The need to stop pollution was clearly recognized.
In 2012 more than 8,000 delegates from 100 different countries attended the forum. The focus this time was on reforming the world monetary system, food security and tourism. Alternative energy sources was also discussed. In terms of business development, stress was put on the implementation of development and   attraction of investment. These yearly forums have become increasingly popular since the forum in 2013 attracted more than 10,000 delegates including representatives from international institutions. The forum has clearly become an international event and by 2014 the events were brought to the United States and were held in New York City.  They were brought to the financial district of the city and witnessed the workings of American finance on Wall Street. It was a unique experience since they witnessed the unique workings of the New York Stock Exchange.
The theme of the 2015 Forum dwelled on infrastructure. The first day of the forum was dedicated to Africa and was called “ Africa- The Next Driver of the Global Economy” they believed that it is time that Africa receives the recognition it deserves. The 2016 forum is to take place in May of 2016 and they wish to focus on the Kazakh government to draw up a new strategic plan of development by the middle of 2016.  

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