Saturday, February 20, 2016

Tonight is another vote for a Republican frontrunner in America. Donald Trump has had verbal diarrhea over many subjects by most recently even getting the Pope to comment about the dangers of building more walls that never really leads to peaceful endings. There is one subject that Donald vomits regularly when it comes to his opponent Tom Cruz.   It is the campaign debate over his eligibility to even run for President. Why is only Donald upset about this? The issue does in fact cast a spotlight on the literal wording of the Constitution. The phrase clearly states” natural born citizen. ” Some legal experts say Tom passes that test but others agree with the Donald that the guy was not born on American soil soooo…….
There are many famous worthy people who would love to run for The President of The United States but know better and just won’t bother. Elon Musk makes electric cars and just about runs any kind of space travel for America now but he knows that he could never be President of the United States. Nor can Sergey Brin, the founder of Google or Jerry Yang, the founder of Yahoo or Madeline Albright or Henry Kissinger who both wrote a many a great treaty that was signed as Secretary of State. They are all United States Citizens that were not born in the United States.  Article 2 Section one of the Constitution clearly states that “only a natural born citizen “ can be President. It means being a United States citizen at birth. Many of the men and women who contributed a lot to the making of America were not born here.
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Andrew Carnegie who was a captain of industry and the arts, Felix Frankfurter of the United States Supreme Court was born in Vienna, Albert Einstein certainly had lots of talks with Presidents but could never be a President. Nor could Joseph Pulitzer, Irving Berlin all national icons in their very different fields and all not born in America.  America was small when the Constitution was written. The founding fathers were in fear that Britain would send Canadian soldiers over the border to return America to British rule.  Their clause in the Constitution was their wall to keep foreigners away from ruling our country. So. Like Donald spews. Why should things change now?
A mass migration of Canadians to restore our government to British royalty does not seem to be much of a threat today. Prince Harry might be a popular choice over the Donald. Today about 10% of Americans are legal immigrants. They include some of the most accomplished people in the world. We have no problem granting work visas to educated people who wish to share their skills in this country. We welcome peaceful, talented people to our country. Arianna Huffington, George Soros, Arnold Schwarzenegger are so rich that they might not care that they can’t run for President but we care. If they are United States citizens born overseas graduating from MIT, Stamford, Ohio State or any great American school, they are immigrants who run companies, teach classes, comfort the sick command platoons find cures and make laws on the state levels.
They are the kinds of citizens Presidents wish they could be for inspiration.  Can we afford a clause that excludes some of our most talented Americans? Let’s vote on that and not these clowns!


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