Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Japan Tallest Building In The World Plan, Mile High (International)
It will give new meaning to the mile high club if they do indeed build a building in Japan that could be a mile high thus being the tallest building erected in the world. There will be a city of man made islands in Tokyo Bay that could house 550,000 people and the world’s tallest building. I was told never to buy land to build something if it was swamp land. These guys are able to build a massive structure on water. Tokyo is so overcrowded with people that they might as well try to place some of them in the bay. Architects at Kohn Petersen Fox and structural engineering firm Leslie E. Roberts Associates are the brilliant minds planning to build the structure.
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Tokyo Bay is an inlet southeast of the city and the plan would not be just a single tall building. If their plans are approved it would be a mini-city designed to con=m bat climate change. I suppose that is the selling factor. The whole idea is Tokyo’s effort to protect itself from rising tides. The project plans to build a chain of hexagon shaped islands. They will form a barrier to protect Tokyo from flooding as well as provide the foundation for homes for some 500,000 people. To make it even more futuristic, they could be connected by Hyperloop which is the masterful mind invention and view from Elon Musk designed high speed transit system.
The centerpiece of the plan would be the tallest building standing at 5,577 feet tall. They would hope that it would be completed by 2045. It is currently being called the Sky   Mile Tower. It will also be built in a hexagon shape for optimal wind resistance. Our current tallest building in the world is located in Dubai and stands only as high as a half mile. These Tokyo builders seem to not want anyone to even come close to their projected heights anytime soon. I guess size really does matter! Just the massive tower alone could hold as many as 55,000 people. I know the Japanese people are small but this is still a city of people in just one building.
To be even extra eco-friendly, the building will be designed to be able to collect, filter and store water from the atmosphere   serving as its own water supply for apartments and toilets,  This is an ingenious idea so that the highest of floors do not have to rely on water pumps to have water. Planned are also multi-level sky lobbies where people can share shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, gyms, food stores, libraries and health clinics. You may never have to see land again, just a view of the horizon. In our high-tech universe, the elevators will not be of the traditional cable use but operated by being cable free and thus being able to move horizontally and vertically.

The rest of the project includes plans for farms, some harvesting algae that can be changed into fuel.  

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