Monday, February 15, 2016

Related imageIn honor of Presidents Day today we should do something to remember the good ones and the bad ones. At least take a moment to think of why so many people want the crummy job   anyway. In order to remember our many Presidents we should try to find and save as many pieces of paper with their pictures on them. Collect George Washington who can easily be found on the dollar bill and Andrew Jackson is found on the 20 dollar bill. Even though Ben Franklin never became a President he can be found on the 100 dollar bill and I collect him too. He should have been a President but we all have our own opinions on Presidential candidates. That is why there are so many debates.
You should at least know some questions about Presidential things like who said, Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.  That was President Kennedy. Soon will we also be able to say that a woman’s place is in the kitchen when she goes to the fridge to get a snack because she is the President of our country. The best tribute we can give a current living President is the Grammy Award just awarded to President Jimmy Carter who now has two Grammys. He just won one in the spoken word category for the recording of his book called A Full Life,   Reflections at 90. He is currently 91 years old.
Right now Jeb Bush is dusting off George Bush to help him campaign for his Presidential run. He didn’t show up for 911 Memorials but stands tall for campaigning. Jeb doesn’t even have his last name displayed on any of his events. It is almost as if he wishes to shy away from his father and brother who were both Presidents. His father was known for saying no more taxes during his campaigns and then once he became President raised taxes. His brother was most notable for the 911 disaster during his reign. We need people to be brave enough to run for President and then take the blame for all ills during their reign. I guess their courage to even take the job contributed to the greatness the Unites States still is.

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