Monday, January 11, 2016

Related imageDo you love your dog? What would you do if you could to give your pet true eternal life? Pet Cloning is making it all possible and is legal. The only thing in the way for most pet owners is the hefty price tag for the procedures. It takes a few months and is becoming more and more popular and somehow even acceptable to most people. I still think it is creepy and going down roads that we have never gone down before. The pet owners are ecstatic to see the same white paws and brown spots on the nose of their favorite pet born again. It doesn’t matter that it cost them $100,000 to a South Korean Biotech Company to get their little bundle of joy.

The DNA that made the new pup that looks identical to the pet owner’s beloved pet was taken 12 days after the pet died. Then scientific history was created.  David Kim a Researcher in the field acknowledges that it take special knowledge to do this process successfully. Apparently there are “best” methods to cloning dogs out there. The big business of cloning is coming out of Sooam Biotech Research Foundation. This particular foundation reports that they have already cloned over 700 dogs with a 40% pregnancy success rate which is the world’s highest.  The TLC channel jumped at the chance to exploit the practice by airing a series called, I Cloned My Pet.
Related image
Ethical questions arise. There are so many pets out there that need good homes then why go through the expense and selectiveness to create just one pet again. How close are we then to acceptable human cloning? There is no guarantee that your cloned pet will have the same personality as your loved pet had but people have reported that the new pets act the same as their old pets did. They have the same nature as nurture. Various characteristics are very   similar to the old pet. So if you want a faithful friend for life get a dog. A cloned dog.

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