Monday, December 21, 2015

Donald Trump Election Campaign and his life (International)
One of the best features of Donald Trump’s life is his beautiful children who some also have children of their own. Yes, Donald Trump who is currently winning the race for a Republican President in the next United States election for President of the country is also a grand-father.  He has fathered five children from three wives.  The Trump children are Donald Jr. 37, Ivanka 33, Eric 31, Tiffany 21 and Baron at 9 years old. He is an unusual candidate in that he is financing his election costs himself. Donald describes himself as a successful businessman and submitted in his disclosure a statement saying that he is worth $8.7 billion dollars.
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Donald Trump earned support from working class citizens who are eager to find a leader different from what they have had in the past. He is controversial and have shocked most people in the way he plans to lead the country. His supporters are mostly working class citizens with no college education.  In his opening campaign speech he rose to the top in interest because of his outrageous statements claiming that the Mexican immigrants are a people consisting of rapists, bringing drugs and bringing crime to the United States and he wants to build a wall along the border to keep illegal immigrants from Mexico entering the United States funded by the Mexican government.
Throughout the recent years he has changed his opinions on Abortion rights. Most recently he has said he supports Planned Parenthood but is against abortion. On issues like the budget and the economy he wishes to keep the mortgage interest deduction and take away carried interest. He wishes to bring back manufacturing to America and knock out jobs to Mexico and China. He wants to use our increasing debt as a bargaining chip and wants to be strong on debt limits. Hopes to grow the economy by 6% per cent annually. Restructure spending by limiting the Defense budget, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Education.
Popular is his statements that we owe $19 Trillion dollars to others and only he the businessman can bring the country out of debt. He wishes to impose a one time 14.25% tax on the wealthy in order to erase the national debt. He predicts a 35% boost in the economy once this is done and he has eliminated the national debt. A zero per cent corporate tax would create millions of jobs. He believes in the death penalty for those who kill others. He does not like legalizing drugs. He says yes to medical marijuana but let it be decided state by state.  Yet in 2011 he said he wanted to legalize drugs to fund drug education. Donald is quick to reveal that he personally does not drink, smoke and has never taken drugs in his life.
Donald Trump is refreshing to some but to many he is a scary bigot and would be a firecracker at the helm of our government.

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