Sunday, November 1, 2015

Most innovative companies and how they do it. (Mix)

The most innovative company in the last 5 years has to be the success of Groupon because it is the first made on the Internet brand. Over recent years tons of e-commerce start- ups showed promise but then promptly failed. But Groupon seems to be holding onto a market that only giants like Amazon has been able to succeed at. Groupon added new markets around the world and even bought Super bowl ads without even knowing if they could succeed. Annual revenues at the 5 year old company are well over $100 Million dollars. They do it by advertising everywhere whether they even know if they have any potential customers. What was once a niche web shop has been transformed into the hottest thing in offline retail. .

Related imageApple has to be one of the leaders in innovation simply because of the amazing gadgets that are so new in the last 10 years that took over the world in new ways to listen to music and to make telephone calls alone. Who can compare with the breathtaking success of the IPhone that was introduced to us in 2007 and has grown to be 75 million sold in just the last three months.   Apple has had the most profitable quarter in history. They have remained successful because they have made refinements to their new inventions without completely changing things again. Apple is at the center of our technologically driven bodies. The company is getting away from the Steve Jobs mentality of do it all at Apple and are beginning to integrate other companies into its new ideas.

Alibaba is innovative in how they managed to help consumers save, spend and be entertained. It is a Chinese commerce giant that raised $25 Billion dollars in a IPO and is a sort of e-Bay, Amazon-Pay Pal hydra, In China the company is even more ambitious. It is getting involved in everything from banking to entertainment. This company has a film-investment fund that allows ordinary folks become movie  producers. The company is known for doing things that no one else has done yet. It has an internet finance arm that it offers their customers a higher rate on returns than state run banks. Exactly how Alibaba expects to reshape the entertainment field remains to be seen but it has already assembled a constellation of services   in areas including selling music.
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Google remains on top of the heap because it is so much too so many people.  The world needs to thank them for creating the Chromebooks hat since 2011 made a cheap $300 computer suddenly extremely useful to all. Now we have a full functioning inexpensive lap top. Nowhere else has the result been so evident than in the United States education system. Schools are always in need of computers and now they can get one that students need that does nearly everything for a fraction of the cost. Chromebooks have become the  best   selling device in the country to schools.  

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