Monday, November 9, 2015

How to live happy life with low income? (Mix)

There is a saying out there that says, “The Gods gave man an easy life, but man has complicated it by itching for luxuries.” Do we need the esteem of the wealthy and most respected? Should we aim to be part of the rich and influential citizens? Should we have the most expensive prostitute in town? What is it that we really need as humans? Can it be achieved with a low income? You have to decide firstly that you do not need much of anything to be happy. You must worship what little that still comes free. Love and be thankful for the warm sunrise, good clean water a refreshing breeze of fresh air and any edible fruits and vegetables you can find to eat and only then will you be happy with the little income you are able to procure.

Related imageFor most people their well- being is at the mercy of a good economy or not.  Most don’t know if they will ever acquire wealth and most give up even trying. You will be happy if you go through life expecting nothing. If you ever get something no matter how small, you will then grow to appreciate it greatly. Find someone who is willing to share their space with you even if they have little or nothing to share. When they sit on the chair you sit on the couch. When they are in bed you sit somewhere else so that you will never be in their way. Go out to eat every day and find   food that is still good that no one wants. You don’t need a refrigerator because you can’t afford to pay an electric bill to run the thing or pay for excess food to keep for another day. Go to sleep when the sun goes down and you will not need electrical lights either.

Related imageThere are many public places open where you can sit and stay for heat or air-conditioning in the winter or summer. Churches are always willing to give you free food or clothing. Shelters and gyms offer free showers. Recite poetry, sing or dance for money that people will just give you. The coins work well in laundromats where you can buy soap and clean your clothes. Most importantly be great full and happy for every little good that you may stumble upon. If you do not wish for much you will not need much and the weight of having to pay bills and support others will be lifted from your life. Your mental state is most important under any financial circumstance. Some of the wealthiest people feel like prisoners guarded behind their palaces and many servants and weighed down by the burden of wealth.

The worst part of having a low income is the uncertainty of your future. Can I survive on so little money? What if I get sick? Can I afford medication? Do I even care anymore? We do live in a world where money is more important than love.

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