Saturday, September 5, 2015

Related imageThere used to be a thing where opposites were attracted to each other when dating. Not anymore. On dating sites you would be rejected if you were different from your date. You can even be rejected now if you are not as attractive or smart or adventurous as others on a site. The pressure to fit in is worse now than ever. I think an opposite occupation or personality could only make things more interesting and certainly make us last longer in just figuring each other out personality wise. On the dating site called Beautiful People .com members will throw you out if they think you are not handsome or beautiful enough.

Only pretty or handsome folk   are allowed and you have to be voted in based on your appearance. Is it a brilliant nosiness idea based on the times or is it the most obnoxious self- centered stupid thing out there?  The dating site is exploding with candidates. People who go through extreme measures with plastic surgeries till they are so called perfect. I wonder what their kids will look like ?    The CEO Greg Hodge admits that his site may not be politically correct but it is based on the needs to want to look good and to be with someone who is beautiful at least on the outside. The guy is dead serious when he says this stuff. He wants red carpet people on his site that can be accepted into the VIP rooms at any nightclub.

Related imageSelecttiveness is running rapid on the dating sites.  Another site called The League grants access only to those who have an excellent job and have credentials from good colleges. The site RAYA attracts only the rich or the famous. Is it just so that beautiful or rich people don’t have to be bothered with the ugly or poor people?  So this generation wants elite clubs for the exquisite? Laura Berman, PhD. A relationship and sex therapist says that if someone is willing to go through plastic surgery to alter her appearance so significantly to be deemed attractive on some website makes you wonder what is going on in her heart and mind.

We seem to be conditioned   to   care now about the immediate given things like selfies, Tinder and Instagram. A world filled with instant likes or swipes. The pressure is on. We are so focused now on immediate satisfaction and impulse decisions that our own lives have become a video game. Beautiful People has grown to 800,000 members. Well, at least we know that there are that many people who look great. Once on the site you have the additional rush of being able to vote someone in or out. Beauty and power go together. You now control the rope at the velvet carpet event. 30% of the people have been rejected on the site. Don’t let yourself go because you are reviewed periodically to make sure you are maintaining your beauty or affluent status.  Sigh!

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