Monday, September 7, 2015

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It is Labor Day a time for honoring all those who work hard to make their American Dream come true. Are we living our dreams or are we just chasing rainbows in our minds? Yet Steve Jobs said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Sounds great but you need to be paid a fair wage for what you love to do and that is why I wish there were  more Unions around to protect workers to help them earn a fair wage, get some benefits and protection in the workplace from bully bosses. Nowadays you only get a job if you know a boss somewhere who needs someone and then you have to be their soldier to keep the job. Fairness and righteousness take a back seat to loyalty.

Related imageRather than a well-earned day off, many retail workers are working overtime to sell junk today in honor of Labor Day. Kind of silly if you ask me.  They do it to earn more money and more money earned in America means they can afford to buy more stuff which is The American Dream. The 1950’s and 60’s were the best example of prosperity in America.  The World Wars were over and computers and plastics were being promoted and manufacturing was big business in America. Even without much education there were well paid jobs everywhere. The auto industry was booming. Everyone wanted a car with shark fins for back lights and they could make them and afford them.

It was the golden age for the American middle class with abundant blue color jobs to be found everywhere in America large and small city. The translation of the American Dream means opportunity for all. Do we have that now? No and how do we know that? Call it the rust belt. The rust belt is when you go past an old manufacturing building in your town and see a rusty chain holding the gates closed. The chain is the rust belt the rusty chain that has been there way too long and that building has not held a job for someone for way too long.  You cannot have the American Dream if you do not have a good solid middle class. Since 1979 a 200% rise in income was for the top 5% of rich people. Middle class salaries went down.

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The widening income cap has led to a dangerous opportunity gap based on social class. Children’s futures are based on their parent’s affluence and education. Son now we have a pulled apart economy and society consisting of just rich and poor families. How do you eliminate the worry factor from your life? Yet we still have hard working immigrants who were bankers and doctors in the countries   they walked away from willing to be house cleaners and cab drivers just anything to have the freedom to do anything. So, whatever you are doing today. Take a moment to say thank you for the freedom to work at whatever you want to.

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