Thursday, August 20, 2015

Related imageWhere are the Hispanic managers in professional baseball? Did Donald Trump throw the Spanish people out of the country yet? I agree with the comic George Lopez on this subject. Yet every professional team seems to be recruiting more Latino players from all over the world than ever. Could it be that Mexicans can play the game but can’t coach? I’m not trying to be racist or anything but I am just noticing things of a racist nature. I saw a line up at a game recently and the names on the backs of the shirts were Cabrera, Sanchez, Suarez, Martinez, and Vizquel. Did Trump throw me out into Mexico? Latinos and Blacks make up now about 40% of Major League Players.

 Yes the announcers and organ player and most of the buying ticket public are white with the owners but that will have to be another blog to talk about. Today we are talking about how brown is the game. The brown people pitch and hit and are even ball boys but management? Not so much brown there. 40% of the assistant coaches are brown. 
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Apparently when it is time to be the head honcho, the Latino’s don’t have what it takes. There are 30 teams in baseball that have 30 managers. 28 of them are white. One black guy and one guy named Gonzalez. In May the Milwaukee Brewers hired a young kid that looks like he doesn’t even shave yet Craig Counsell to be manager. He has no prior coaching experience as six other white managers don’t have when they were hired. Mr. Gonzalez, the one and only Spanish manager in major league baseball spent 17 years as a coaching apprentice before he finally got his shot at the top. You don’t train that long to be a Nero-surgeon or for any other occupation. The Republican Party is more inclusive than baseball. They got 2 Hispanics fighting to be managers of the United States.

Related image Why can’t we get more than one to manage baseball? We all love the game from the poor guys who play stick ball in the streets where broom handles are the bats and man hole covers are the basses to rich kids playing in top notch little league stadiums with lights and concession stands for their sponsored games. Rich or poor, brown, black or white, we all love to play the game. Just let a guy who earned his place get the job by now.

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