Sunday, July 12, 2015

Where can you have total freedom of expression and perhaps gain income fame or fortune too?  A place where you can be seen as often as you like globally. You Tube is an online service that generates more video in a day than you could reasonably watch in a lifetime. It is a website that in just 10 years redefined the way the world consumes video. It is on line all the time. We have a generation who has been born with a smart phone in their hands, You Tube’s small screen celebrities are a big deal now. You Tube teens are more popular than the teen sensations Hollywood can provide.
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When Variety recently pooled American teens, the top 5 most popular celebrities all came from You Tube. Does You Tube create trends? I don’t think so. What they are is a tremendous opening into the world for an ordinary person in their tiny home to express their talent, views, knowledge or feelings to anyone anywhere willing to share with them. There is a guy who has 5 Million followers who watch him comment while he plays video games. There are so many different things that become popular. You may not understand why but the people who are into it love it.

Related imageYou Tube claims to have a billion users. That is one out of seven people on earth make it a global stage open to all. 300 hours of video get uploaded per minute. Anyone from anywhere can have their voice heard and that can be very revealing where we are politically, financially and ethically. They have gone a long way since 2005 when “Me at the Zoo” was You Tube’s first video. Yet home videos of silly people and cute pets and bedroom confessionals began to attract thousands of people just to watch. It costs nothing to place a video yet it can be seen around the world. Where else can you get this much exposure?

Google the Internet search giant smelled potential and purchased you Tube for $1.65 billion dollars in less than two years. Soon then after people were getting more from their videos than attention. They were beginning to earn a living. Ms.  Hart the creator of My Drunk Kitchen that are cooking videos that feature a lot more than just cooking.  She has a spin  off  of a cookbook and a cable TV show. The easiest way to make money on You Tube is to get a cut from commercials. You know the annoying things they want you to watch before what you clicked on finally appears.   

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Despite its global impact,   You Tube still struggles to make money. Advertisers are shy about putting their product up front and forward before something they have no idea will be the content. They are shy of  the  freedom You Tube gives its users. The company has a CEO who has been there since day one of the company and she insists that with all the make-up and fashion favorites that advertisers will not be too shy for too long but she also insists that You Tube will not give up its freedom to show all from all people on earth.

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