Friday, July 10, 2015

Love is in the air. Everyone should experience exciting unforgiving sex at some point in their life and then put themselves back together again and know what is right and what is wrong. Judge thyself. None of the judging is happening in America’s prisons. The recent breakout that resulted in one prisoner dead and another back in custody made everyone focus on how did they pull a major escape successfully? It was raw emotion and sex and love from a prison employee that made it all happen. Sex between prison guards and inmates seem to be a normal thing going on in those buildings.

A new Warden and new security measures were announced at the prison in upstate   New York where the two murderers recently escaped. The changes may not be enough to change prison romances from happening. Romantic entanglement seems to be the norm at prisons not the exception. Joyce Mitchell a prison employee is now in handcuffs waiting her sentence for being an accomplice to the prison break. She is a 51 year old prison seamstress yes they have tailors working in the prisons. Her charges is that she helped 2 convicted killers escape from a maximum security prison.

There at work she met   the   two at work and eventually was having sex with the both of them sometimes as much as 4 times a week.  This behavior is not uncommon. The women workers fall for the flirting and compliments from the men. Before long the women bring in home cooked meals for the prisoners. Soon hack saw blades are placed in hamburger meat. This is not uncommon. Government reports say that more than half   of all sexual misconduct cases are committed by female workers.  It is possible to become attached and attracted to inmates you see every day.

Robin Kay Miller is a now retired former New York City Correction Officer who has seen it all. She saw co-workers   who did not have anyone to love at home fall for these flirting prisoners.  Inappropriate relationships should be more scrutinized especially in high profile cases. In 2013 a Baltimore inmate,, a notorious gang leader impregnated 4 prison guards. The women were helping him run a drug ring inside the prison walls.  That same year prison guard Nancy Gonzalez was sentenced to a year in prison after getting pregnant from a cop killer she was guarding. Earlier this year in Oregon 2 prison workers Jill Curry and Brett Robin   had sex with Jang-Li Delgado Gaban,   an inmate by sneaking him out of the prison. Both women are now prisoners themselves.

There are now more women working in prisons than men now because they usually pass all the background checks better than men. Women are more likely to have educational skills. Women usually do not have any former criminal records. Between 2001 and 2007 the number of female correction officers in male facilities has jumped from 24% to 40%. I don’t think women should have any contact with male prisoners.  The women are compassionate and do not think of the consequences getting involved with an inmate. The problems start when the relationship turns personal. What happened to Mitchell was when she allowed the shift in power to the men. Sweat was telling her what to do and she obeyed.

Image result for women having sex in prisonSex is rampart in the prison system and must be changed to avoid things like this from happening. There are plenty of blind spots in prisons that make it easy for people to hide for sex. It is just like the scenes from the hit series Orange is The New Black. It is a huge institutional failure in terms of supervision and oversight.  In all 50 states having sex with someone who is in custody is a crime. It is a strict liability offence. As horrific as sex with children. Then why do women fall for these criminals? They put their freedom on the line. Yet it is rarely reported because other inmates who know what is going on do not want to be a snitch.

Snitches get stabbed, beat up and are a target in prisons. It is not worth it. It is best to just look the other way. With budgetary and staffing constraints policing these relationships is a problem with no easy solutions. The system is very broken and someone needs to look at it carefully and make changes to benefit everyone. Maybe then some of the guys who do get out won’t want to go back in where there is no heating or electrical or rent bill   to worry about paying.  They get 3 meals a day free. Drugs and cigarettes and all the sex they want maybe even some power tools too. When they leave they got nothing.

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