Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Related imageIt must be hard to hear anything good about you brought out in the past tense while you are still alive. Bill Cosby was the whitest black guy in America and everyone seemed to love him. He acted white and spoke like a white man even wore bad sweaters like white men do. His jokes were all about conservative fatherhood and raising children. His TV show was about being successful and professional as a black man.. He was America’s role model got awards from a President and sold America’s Jello to all. We all loved him.  Yes and now we have to speak of him in the past tense because his secret life has been officially exposed.

There is a magazine with 45 women on the cover who claim to have been taken advantage of sexually by him in the past.  There is a deposition from 2005 that has been exposed where he in his own words confesses about his possession of drugs to be used on women for sex. It is no longer an allegation. His testimony is now proof.  Americans were still hoping that he would come forward in his own words now but he still has not. For a while the women were not believed and thought of as gold diggers. The women deserve to be believed and deserve some closure for their assaults. They are victims to a sexual predator.

Related imageYes our squeaky clean family man is now an ugly old liar in reality.  Everyone is sad and feels betrayed.  It is a bombshell 1,000 page deposition. In it Cosby describes the sexual relationship he had with one victim called Andrea who accused him like the others of drugging her and sexually abusing her without her consent. The deposition took 4 days to complete where he says that she didn’t appear to object to anything so he continued. The document describes his sexual encounters with at least 5 women.  It just fueled an exploding scandal that now includes more than 2 dozen women that has come forward with their story of abuse.

The deposition became part of a current civil suit by a victim. The most damaging thing about the document is his attitude throughout the pages where he doesn’t ever consider his behavior a serious wrong. Even today he can’t bring himself to say he his sorry to anyone which just makes him look like even more of a sick monster.   He settled out of court and the deposition was never used in a lawsuit back in 2005. In the document he admits that he never took drugs for himself but he did get Quaaludes for young women that he wanted to have sex with.  Now his futile efforts to hide has been unsuccessful and he is never going to be able to keep this secret again.
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Gloria Alfred is a famous Attorney and represents 17 women in a current civil lawsuit. It is a fall from grace from a man who once was   admired by all. His squeaky clean image has been shattered by his own words. All the good things he represents in the past has been erased. There is no morality in this man and he can no longer make moral positions. Even our current President describes what he did as rape. This document is making even his oldest friends finding it hard to defend him any longer. How the deposition became public without a court sanction is a mystery and does violate his confidentiality agreement. However, there is no way to restore his legacy.  The courts will be busy on this matter very soon.    

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