Monday, July 20, 2015

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I write nearly every day because I want to talk to someone. I call this The Other Serpico because I love stories where people find and expose corruption and stop it at least in that time and place. My name is Serpico, I was a cop and I like the fame that Frank Serpico and sacrifice he brought when he exposed corruption in the New York City Police Department in the 70’s. He is a bit older than me but I wish that his story stays alive so find the movie or read his book.

Thanks to a relatively unknown man a greedy physician will probably spend the rest of his days in jail for harming patients with false diagnosis for illnesses they didn’t have, prescribe medicines they didn’t need in order to steal millions of dollars from the health care system.  He took close to $20 Million dollars and if it wasn’t for the person who turned him in to authorities, he would still be harming hundreds of people. Many of his victims in Detroit feel that 45 years as a sentence is not enough for the crimes he committed. Like Police Departments you should be able to trust, you should be able to trust your doctor who took an oath to do no harm.

Doctor Farid Fata intentionally misdiagnosed more than 550 people often prescribing treatment for cancer they did not have. His practice billed more than 34 Million dollars to patients and insurance companies. Hundreds who were at the court house had feelings of sorrow for their relatives and friends who died under his watch.  The 50 year old doctor pleaded guilty to 13 counts of health care fraud. One count of conspiracy to receive kickbacks and 2 counts of money laundering. His admission of guilt was no consolation who saw their people suffer through unnecessary cancer treatments simply because he was greedy for money.

He was a respected doctor in his community and trained at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. He founded the States’ largest cancer practice. He had a great background in Michigan. It was his former practice manager George Karadsheh who had the courage to expose his wrongdoing. In 2013 Karadshsh filed a Federal whistle-blower lawsuit. The U.S. Attorney arrested him quickly.  His former patients still have lasting side effects from his unnecessary treatments and drugs prescribed. Corruption needs to be stopped in any decade.

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