Thursday, June 25, 2015

The newest act to throw his hat into the Republican cast of characters to run in the next Presidential race is good old Donald Trump. Yes we will not need his TV show to find drama from him, now his dramas will be plastered on our nightly news.  He created lots of drama in his first time at bat when he announced at his contrived press conference in one of his buildings. Within ten minutes he managed to insult an entire race of people in this country mostly who are his employees, Latinos. Meanwhile Jeb Bush another Republican in the race spoke in pretty good Spanish to appeal to Latino voters.

It has been three years since the last election where every conservative republican agreed that if they are to win the next election they are going to have to reach out for the Latino voters. Donald Trump opens his campaign by saying that Mexicans bring drugs and crime to this country and they rape American women. Was he at some Latino fraternities? How can he just make a statement like that? He went on to say that Mexico does not send us their best. I didn’t know that America was on some kind of mailing list. 

The speech was off the cuff unsearched filled with inaccurate statements.  He said that economic growth has never been below zero until the last quarter. The fact is that it has been below zero 42 times since World War II. He said that there are no jobs to be had. The fact is that there are 5.4 million openings out there which represents the most jobs available within the last 15 years.  He said we have never beaten Japan at anything. Really? Has he forgotten how World War II ended with a nuclear bomb dropped on them? He looked like a clown up there and the morning after the cover of The New York Post had him in clown face.

Afterwards it was revealed that he paid people $50 dollars to hold up posters and stand there to listen to him. So sad if he is buying votes the first time in public as a candidate. The saddest part was when he said he wants the Mexicans to build a wall along the border to keep them out of the country. Has he learned nothing from Ronald Regan who said tear down walls between people when he spoke about the Berlin Wall? Concrete walls is not the answer. He must have forgotten that even his wealthy family came to this country once as a not so wealthy family and was accepted. The answer is to accept anyone and everyone that wants to be here. They should all be documented and taxed heavily till they get their citizenship. People come here for a better life and are willing to work hard for it. If they act like a fraternity then simply deport them. Problem solved.

Mr. Trump needs to know that he needs to worry now about the Latino employees that just want to spit in his coffee as they serve it to him for offending the entire Latino population in America.  There are 50 million that are here legally and work very hard doing occupations that most people wouldn’t do. They care deeply about this country especially because their country is such a mess. The bad Latinos that he talks about are these good people’s friends and relatives. A million Latino’s turn 18 every year in America and become citizens of the United States. They now become the basis of the new American coalition. They care for this country and alienating an entire race of people will never help him to win a race for the White House. 

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