Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sometimes I think the human race is determined to ruin just about anything they can get their hands on. All we do on earth is constantly kill each other. We polluted the oceans before we even explored the depth of them and now we are on a mission to pollute space. There was a scene in the Sandra Bullock space movie where they encountered a assault on them from a blown up satellite. That is true and there is much broken parts just orbiting the earth. Now the Air Force has to defend the satellites in space not from little green aliens. That would make sense but from other humans here on earth. I say keep war out of space and continue to bash each other’s heads in here in the dirt.

There are satellites that warn us of long range missile attacks. You would think that anything some 20 thousand miles from earth would be safe from attack. Deep space is no longer the sanctuary it once was.  2 years ago the Chinese tested a satellite that went higher than previously ever looked at. The Secure World Foundation supports the peaceful use of space and keeps tract of everything that is shot into it. In 2007 a missile hit a satellite and created debris. In May 2013 a satellite was sent into new heights never used before. It was shot by China.  The International Space Station orbits at about 200 miles from earth. The GPS Satellites orbit at 12,000 miles from earth but the Chinese satellite orbits at 18,600 miles away from the earth giving it a vantage point over everything else. Men always boast about who has the longest measuring stick.

Now America has stored some of our most valuable missile warning sensors and top secret communication devices that serve as our eyes and ears in time of war.  You would assume that something so far away from earth would be safe from attack however China has satellites also even in the highest of orbits.   They are all juicy targets because they are very expensive satellites that have a lot of capability packed onto each one.  A spokesman from China’s Foreign Ministry admitted to testing an anti-satellite weapon in 2007 but China has denied conducting subsequent tests and told us that it is committed to the peaceful use of outer space. They said the 2013 launch into space was simply a science experiment.

America has concluded that the satellite “science experiment” was fired by a military Launchpad in China. It is expected that within the next to 5-10 years that China will likely be able to hold at risk all of the United States Satellites in every orbit. It is a wonderful way to say thank you for our free GPS!!!! NOT! China’s might is growing on earth and in the skies.  Our Air Force Space Command is now working on a way to make our satellites more maneuverable to avoid attack.  The United States is building a new radar system that will enable the Operation Center to track down everything orbiting in space as small as a softball.  The US is deploying 2 satellites in the highest orbit to keep watch on what other countries are up to now.

Now we have satellites watching other satellites. Usually spy information was always top secret but now the United States wants other countries to know that we are watching them hopefully to act as a deterrent from them trying to ever destroy our work in space. The Pentagon plans to spend an additional $5billion dollars over the next 5 years to protect its satellites. A great threat to our satellites would be a Lazar, jamming capabilities or an anti-satellite weapon. Both China and Russia are working on such space weapons. When will the insanity of war and war threats ever end? 

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