Saturday, May 16, 2015

Pretty boy Tom Brady received a 4 game suspension as a punishment for not keeping his balls full. We are all distraught as fans. That means he gets to stay home in his mansion with his super model sexy wife and just watch the game with his perfect little children. Yeah, life is tough for liars and cheats but that is the definition of the NFL   National Fucking Liars. An organization built on juiced up players who suffer terrible injuries and then spend the rest of their lives drug addicts from an organization that doesn’t play taxes or their cheerleaders.

To many Americans Tom Brady is a national treasure but the new report released on what will forever be called deflate gate doesn’t make him look like the golden boy he still claims to be. He will not admit to any wrongdoing when it is obvious he does not deserve the most recent Super Bowl Win and that he had a big part in having deflated balls. Most men know exactly what is going on with their balls. He didn’t know how soft his balls are? He refuses to discuss his balls. He refuses to even believe that he has a tarnished legacy. Other teams that played fairly deserve the MVP and the win. National Football League investigators released a 243 page report into the deflate gate scandal.

The report said that Brady was at least   ”generally aware of the inappropriate activities” surrounding those now infamous deflated footballs. The report found that minutes before Brady took the field for the AFC Championship game, Patriots employee Jim McNally reportedly carried the game-day balls out of the official’s locker room   to   a bathroom. There is no reason to carry anyone else’s balls to a bathroom. One minute and 40 seconds later he carried the balls to the field. Can you deflate your balls in such a short time? I guess it depends on how pumped up you are.

That trip to the bathroom was a breach in protocol. Later they found the balls to be deflated. Most damaging evidence is the texts sent between McNally and his equipment assistant John Jastremski. The text messages are as follows: Jastremski:  ”Talked to him last night. He actually brought you up and said you must have a lot of stress trying to get them done…” Later McNally called himself “the deflator.” McNally was then talking about being compensated for his work on the balls and said, “Better be surrounded by cash and new kicks.” Tom Brady still says that he would never do anything to break the rules but he will not give his phone to investigators. Why not Tommy boy if you got nothing to hide?

It makes you not want to watch football any more. 

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