Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Oprah dug him out of the unknown years ago and very nicely presented him to us. He is the handsome rugged healthy fit heart surgeon Dr. Oz with the easy to remember name that kind of reminds you of the salesman of potions in the Wizard of ironically OZ movie. Just like the Wild West where people didn’t believe in the health drinks they were trying to sell on covered wagons as they rode through town, Dr. Oz’s own colleagues from Columbia University do not believe in the snake oil crap he is pushing as healthy cures for stuff that is wrong with you. After all, true Doctors only hawk prescription drugs. Why   is   that the only recommendation offered   besides the fact that they are the prescription companies bitch?

Over the years with Oprah’s help Dr. Oz has gained popularity and now has his own show.  It is designed as an informative help to knowing your own health but at times could look like a info commercial pushing one or more products at the same time. Now he is known over the last 5 seasons of his show for having a propensity for recommending dubious supplements. He has recommended a series of diet aids. Things like Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketones and Yakon Syrup. And why not? People don’t want anything from a pharmacy department anymore. But the medical community is turning on him. Or, maybe his recommendation of these types of snake oil products are just endorsements for his personal profit. Should he dare to be famous and rich too?

Dr. Oz has had a hard year from being grilled by a Senate Committee to having the medical journal in the December 17, 2014 issue supporting less than half of the things he pushes on his show.  One of his guests, Celebrity Nutritionist Lindsay Duncan, paid $9 Million dollars to settle a lawsuit with the FTC for misleading claims. The point is that Dr. Oz is being more and more under attack in these recent months. He is being accused by promoting quack treatments by some top physicians who want him to be fired from his job at Columbia University.  Are they justified to gang up on him or does he deserve to be shot down a peg or two in the celebrity ladder?

Nine out of ten doctors agree at the University that he must go. Dr. Oz finally felt compelled to address the issue and his response made me lose all faith in him. The reason for the other doctors to want him out was that Oz had industry ties and was serving quack remedies as medicine. Oz said that the logo of the show has Doctor in small font and OZ dominates the logo. So that doesn’t make him look like a medical show? Pore excuse OZ. The size of a word in a logo does not determine a show’s truth value. The worst defense he offered is “freedom of speech is the most fundamental right we have as Americans and these 10 doctors are trying to silence that right.”

NO! Dr. Oz is scientifically wrong about that. The first Amendment protects Americans against government censorship and that is all.  It does not guarantee you to hold a faculty position at a prestigious University and make misleading claims on a TV show. It absolutely protects your right to say whatever you like on your show just like it protects my right and the 10 doctor right to say you are a self- promoting snake oil vitavitavegiment(you would have to watch old I Love Lucy episodes to know this stuff) pusher of wacky potions for personal profit product endorsements. Oz should be propelled into Oz Land . Isn’t freedom of speech wonderful?

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