Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Yes George Bush is finally gone and we can see it in the progress that has been made over the past 6 years without his personal religious belief influence. Genetic research is in full swing and has already done good things in the fields of justice, medical engineering and medicine. Every day someone across America is being let out of a prison serving life terms for crimes they did not commit due to the evidence of DNA testing being allowed in cases. The ability to eradicate such disease as Alzheimer’s and breast cancer is   now   a possibility   through gene mutation in the next generation.  Cancer research has been blown out of proportion in that medical professionals are trying all kinds of research to have tumors retreat without evasive surgeries.

They are now killing cancer in your brain. In previous years a courageous doctor would crack your skull and try to cut the tumor out or just give you a set time of expectancy to live. Now they are fighting the disease with other diseases. Quite a chess game but it is no game when you hear that now people can say that their brain cancer is in remission or gone without having their skull cracked open.  Doctors are awakening the power of the body’s   immune system. Duke University known for its great basketball coach and winning teams is also known for their medical research programs and for the past 10 months has been killing brain cancer.

Some of the patients there use words like miracle that doctors don’t use because they have a relentless brain cancer called Glioblastoma. Researchers are doing what many thought was crazy. They are infecting the tumors with Polio.  Yes, the very same virus that has crippled and killed many Americans for centuries. The Polio virus is injected into the brain into the tumor to paralyze the growth and save lives.  Finally the approach to treating what in the past was thought to be an incurable prospect us now something that can be attacked and shrink and disappear.

Image result for polip treatments in brain tumors at DukeThis past year half a teaspoon of Polio flowed directly into a tumor lodged in brain tissue.  When diagnosed with a brain tumor death can be swift since it can double in size every 2 weeks till it takes over your brain and you have no normal brain function.  One of the most serious and dangerous cancers is being dealt  with having some great results. People are lining up to be medical explorers simply because in the past they were given little hope for much of a future. The doctors use 3-D MRI scanning to plot their descent into the brain with the Polio. Like a snipers bullet, if it doesn’t go to the center, it will not kill its target that tumor.

There are only about 20 patients that have gone through this experiment with Polio Infusion but with the right dose, there is 100% success.  One dose in a 6-7 hour operation and the patient is done. No chemotherapy   or radiation or other treatments necessary with only one needle penetrated to the brain. Then they wait for a bit more of swelling of the tumor then watch the shrinkage as the polio attacks the tumor till it is GONE. The Deputy Director of the Brain Tumor Center is Dr. Henry Friedman who has been at this profession for 35 years and has never witnessed any treatment with greater results.

The Polio experiment was a gamble but a gamble that many desperate people were willing to try.  Why doesn’t the news reports report on this type of gambling rather than people losing their life’s savings in a smoke filled Casino?

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