Monday, April 27, 2015

We are nearing the end of April and hopefully most of you have already received your tax return check from the IRS. Yes, every year we voluntarily file a return by April 15, the designated deadline for returns. People hate giving up a portion of their hard earned money to support government programs but we do because in turn the programs are there to support us. This current tax season was a big problem for those with problems who might have needed help from the agency. It was reported that there were only 2 people working at IRS offices. Lines were around blocks of people waiting to consult with those 2 people.

No one waits in line for something they can fix themselves. Nationwide only 4 in 10 callers to the IRS free line got through to an agency worker.  Five million   telephone    calls   were disconnected because of a too long waiting period on phone lines. It all only created more hate for our Tax system. I blame every problem on our Republican special interest promoting Congress who has slashed funding to the IRS since 2010 when they won control over the chamber. The IRS funding has shrunk by nearly 20%. No one can lose 20% of what they are and be nearly as effective. Congress has slashed the budget largely out of anger.

It is a spanking from Congress because at one time the IRS was targeting religious and special interest groups when those groups applied for Tax Exempt status. Liberal groups were only 29 of the 298 applications. I say, what is wrong with investigating religious groups that don’t wish to pay any taxes?  The best thing to do in this case would be to get rid of certain people in high positions and require a fair assessment of applications. The worst thing to do is what Congress did. Revenge. Crippling a form of the government we need to survive as a nation. The very place where revenue is gained to even pay those bloated spoiled Congressmen.

Between 2010 and now the IRS lost over 13,000 employees. They have only 600 employees out of 25,000 who are under age 25. It is also an aging part of the government. Most employees there are over age 50. Not only are the people aging there their systems are outdated too. Almost all tax data exists on a magnetic tape and cartridge system. Yes beta max cartridges from the 1980’s developed in the 1960’s. We should fund the IRS not just to update their systems but because the IRS is better than most banks.  According to the Treasury Department every dollar used for tax enforcement yields $6 in collections. No bank will give you a return like that.

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